The Good Wife recap: Say You're Sorry

Alicia represents a client who keeps making insensitive remarks, and Diane and Louis Canning keep up their battle for power at Lockhart/Gardner
Ep. 21 | Aired May 11, 2014

NUMBERS GAME Alicia & Co. scramble to seat an appropriate jury after their client makes several insensitive remarks

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Paisley made his (pre-recorded) statement, and Alicia sat in the hot seat with the two reporters from the Financial Daily Watch. Unfortunately, since she was being filmed in a room without a monitor, she kept confusing the two African-American reporters on the show. Ooof. Paisley made light of the situation, asking her to work up her apology.

Back in court, they completed the jury selection process. Alicia was getting side-eye from one of the African-American ladies on the jury. It didn't look good. Canning upped his ask to $5 million. Fortunately, the inside drama at Lockhart/Gardner worked in their favor. (More on this later.) Lockhart/Gardner had won Kael Pepper's business, and one of the juror's sons had died from AIDS. Kael Pepper had been accused of price gouging AIDS medication. Canning knew he was backed into a corner, and they reached a settlement deal right before trial. And at $1 million, I think Paisley got off easy.

Meanwhile, Finn met with Alicia and Eli to discuss Peter's endorsement announcement. Eli came with good news: The official report on the Jeffrey Grant shooting absolved Finn of any wrongdoing. Instead, the blame was placed firmly at the feet of the state's attorney. Eli warned them that James Castro would try to hit back by exposing something on Finn. But at least they were prepared for him to do his worst. Unfortunately, they didn't realize how bad Castro's worst would be.

Castro went to see Peter, and he gave him a surveillance photo of Finn leaving Alicia's apartment building. Peter knew that Finn had been at Alicia's apartment, because so had he two months ago. But this photo was from two weeks ago. "How do you think it will look that you endorsed your wife's lover?" Castro asked Peter. And the Governor didn't take too kindly to that. He threw two glasses of water in Castro's face, then promptly kicked him out of his office. It was awesome. But the seed of doubt had already been planted. Peter asked Eli to hold off on the endorsement announcement.

Finn asked Alicia why they were delaying the announcement, and she questioned Eli. He had to tell her that Peter wouldn't sign off on the speech, then decided to investigate further. He wasn't happy with what he found: Peter flirting with one of the office interns, Lauren (Katie Paxton). Lauren was hoping to get an interview with Peter for her blog...'cause that's what the kids are calling it these days? Eli -- who's always concerned with the optics -- insisted that Lauren stay 50 feet away from Peter going forward.

NEXT: Eli finally learns about Peter and Alicia's marital arrangement

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