The Good Wife recap: Web of Lies

Alicia meets a charming man at jury duty and Diane tackles a drug-related case for one of the firm's top clients
Ep. 20 | Aired May 4, 2014

MOTHER KNOWS BEST? Alicia seeks life and marital advice from her mom (guest star Stockard Channing)

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Meanwhile, Eli was trying to prepare Finn for his state's attorney campaign. With Peter's endorsement, Eli obviously took a special interest in making Finn the best possible candidate. They began with interview prep, and finished with a TV interview on a local station. Finn knocked the interview out of the park. He painted Will as the true hero from the Jeffrey Grant shooting, and even dodged a question about his sister's drug-related suicide with class. That's one way to get Eli Gold on your side!

Memorable lines and moments from "The Deep Web":

++ Eli: "Where are you? You're not at work."
Alicia: "Nice to talk to you too, Eli. I'm at jury duty. What's up?"
Eli: "They put you on a jury?"

++ Louis Canning talking to Robbie about rebelling in college with girls!

++ Kalinda: "You seem different, Diane."
Diane: "Different? I do? Different good or different bad?
Kalinda: "Different good."
Diane: "Kalinda, I feel like I'm channeling Will's ghost."
Kalinda: "Well, then take care of him."

++ "It’s unreal. Like he’s still there, you know? Or that he was never there at all." --Alicia, to Veronica about Will

++ “Okay. It’s the last nice thing I do.” --David Lee, who's not known for doing nice things

++ Finn: "Kalinda, why do people let you into crime scenes?"
Kalinda: "Oh, you know. Cops like me."

++ "I am establishing your value through the shooting. If society valued kindness and a good haircut, I’d establish that." --Eli, to Finn

++ "Estate planning? What, are you two getting married?" --Diane, to David Lee and Louis Canning

++ Eli: "You did well."
Finn: "No, I didn't. I should have told her to go to hell."
Eli: "That’s when you know you’re a true politician. When you don’t."

++ Alicia: "Did Eli get ahold of you?"
Finn: "Yeah, he wants to turn me into a hero."
Alicia: "Yes, Eli is good at that."
Finn: "That's right. He already turned you into a saint."

What did you think of "The Deep Web"? Do you think Alicia will make a life change? Is she going to quit her job? How is she going to deal with Daniel Irwin? Do you like them together? There's been lots of talk about Finn becoming Alicia's love interest, and the previews for next week's episode make it seem like they'll address their relationship. What do you think David Lee and Louis Canning are planning? And does anyone else have this song stuck in their head?

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