The Good Wife recap: Web of Lies

Alicia meets a charming man at jury duty and Diane tackles a drug-related case for one of the firm's top clients
Ep. 20 | Aired May 4, 2014

MOTHER KNOWS BEST? Alicia seeks life and marital advice from her mom (guest star Stockard Channing)

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Corsica did tell the police that Robbie was involved in Silk Road, but she didn't tell them all she knew: that he invented the website. And the plot thickens. Robbie said he told Corsica that just to impress her, but it was a classic case of he said/she said. So Kalinda began her investigation to find someone higher up in the anonymous world of Silk Road.

Kalinda caught a break when she matched the signature of the presumed Silk Road boss to one on an Amazon review. That lead them to Jeremy Barba. And with a conviction, Finn agreed to let Robbie off with one year of probation and no jail time. But when they went to arrest Barba, he was found murdered in his apartment. (It was a murder for hire, purchased from Silk Road.) Corsica's pot label was found at the scene of the crime, which led them back to her. She also had photos of the crime scene in her cloud. Either Robbie was running the show, or she was trying to set him up.

Back to the he said/she said battle we went. Kalinda did some more digging and found a common denominator in several of the emails: The word "purchase" was misspelled in several instances, consistent with a mistake made by the same voice recognition software that Robbie used. Uh oh. So he was the guilty party after all. Diane felt like she had no choice but to withdraw as Robbie's lawyer. And that was a red flag to Finn. He called Alicia to see if this was out of character for Diane, and Alicia confirmed his suspicions: Diane would never suborn perjury. And that's where the case ended in the episode. So I imagine that's not the last we've seen of that.

When Diane wasn't dealing with the high-profile Pollard case, she was worried that David Lee and Louis Canning were still in cahoots. And she wasn't wrong to be worried. In the wake of Will's death, Diane's assistant had been passing off her clients to David and Canning. Diane promptly fired her assistant, and asked Kalinda to help her figure out if any moves were being made against her before she took any action.

David assured Diane he wasn't trying to horn in on her business, but just trying to help. If we've learned anything over the course of this series, though, it's that David Lee can't be trusted. In an effort to get to the bottom of their scheming, Diane confronted David Lee and Louis Canning. They claimed they weren't icing her out, but simply estate planning. That's right: Louis Canning was given 12 months to live, and David Lee was helping him get his affairs in order. Diane believed this claim until she heard Canning say he didn't want any pity. What are they planning? Well, we still don't know. But Diane and Kalinda did have a pretty telling conversation:

Diane: "So is he dying, or is he trying to screw me?"
Kalinda: "He is dying. And he’s trying to screw you."

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