The Good Wife recap: Web of Lies

Alicia meets a charming man at jury duty and Diane tackles a drug-related case for one of the firm's top clients
Ep. 20 | Aired May 4, 2014

MOTHER KNOWS BEST? Alicia seeks life and marital advice from her mom (guest star Stockard Channing)

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In the meantime, Alicia went back home to watch some terrible TV. (The same fake show they've been playing throughout the season.) Veronica joined her at the apartment to apologize for Logan's interruption. This led to a pretty sweet moment. It's become clear over the series that Alicia and her mother rarely see eye to eye. But sometimes, no matter how old you are, you just need your mom to hold you while you cry. So Alicia did just that while she reiterated her insecurities.

On that note, she left to meet Daniel for a drink. But before pulling the trigger and going inside, Alicia had an interesting conversation with herself. Yes, Alicia did a lot of talking to herself this episode: "It's one drink. Why is that a problem? Who am I being faithful to?" In the end, she decided to leave. And that's how the episode ended.

The closest thing we got to a case of the week was a situation at Lockhart/Gardner. Finn Polmar brought in Robbie Pollard (Christopher Imbrosciano), the grandson of one of Diane's biggest clients, Lyle Pollard (Robert Klein). At first, it appeared that Robbie was just involved in selling pot -- but really, Finn wanted to question him about his involvement in Silk Road, the black market for criminals. They'd traced approximately $39,000 from Silk Road to Robbie's computer, indicating he was employed by the website. Finn & Co. were threatening Robbie with four to 15 years in prison for a class 1 felony.

But they didn't immediately arrest Robbie because they wanted his cooperation in identifying the top dog at Silk Road, and were hoping he'd take a plea deal. Robbie has cerebral palsy, so Diane took that opportunity to play up Louis Canning's disease: "You don't want to be seen strong-arming a kid with cerebral palsy. Especially one who has an attorney like Louis Canning." (I think that's the only time Diane has not rolled her eyes as Canning described his disorder.) But Finn didn't let that rattle him. He reminded Diane that if Robbie worked on Silk Road in his grandfather's basement, they could freeze Lyle Pollard's assets, which would be detrimental for one of the firm's top clients.

Robbie eventually owned up to writing reviews on the site to get sales moving. Polmar said they had a witness, so Robbie really had no choice but to come clean. He swore that he didn't sell or sample the product and that all of his reviews were fake. Still, Robbie abetted in the sale of $1.2 billion is drug sales, which effectively made him an accessory. Now about that witness: enter Corsica (Laura Campbell). Robbie said he offered to write her a review if she ever sold anything on Silk Road. So Kalinda went to check out Corsica's story and figure out what she told the police.

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