The Good Wife recap: Killer Instinct

Alicia becomes a witness after a body is discovered at one of Colin Sweeney's parties, and Peter and Eli face a PR debacle involving Zach
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 27, 2014

LADY KILLER Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) returns with a new fiancé and more murder rumors

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Despite the drama with Sweeney, James Castro had time to meet with Peter and Eli to ask Peter for his endorsement. But Peter had other ideas. He endorsed Finn Polmar instead, saying his chief-of-staff brought Finn to his attention by helping gather the signatures he needed! So that's one way to make sure Finn sticks around. And I kind of love it. Also, James Castro can suck it.

Memorable moments and lines from "Tying the Knot": 

++ Colin Sweeney: "I’m getting married, Alicia! Congratulations are in order."
Alicia: "I thought you already were married."
Colin Sweeney: "Yes. I was. But I became disenchanted. So I had to get rid of her...Through divorce! Where’s your sense of humor?"

++ "It's these glasses. Whoever you’re starring at, it matches their body type with a porn star...Oh, well that’s surprising." --Colin Sweeney, to Alicia

++ Alicia: "Who’s Renata?"
Colin Sweeney: "My fiancé! Do you really not follow my life? I follow yours. I’m hurt!"

++ "I have a theory about women with three-syllable names." --Renata, who might just be perfect for Colin Sweeney

++ Eli yelling at Nora to use her computer

++ Zach: "You and dad are playing Bill and Hillary. Why don’t we talk about that?"
Owen: "Yeah, why don’t we talk about that?"

++ Eli: "I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s a mistake."
Peter: "What’s a mistake?"
Eli: "The thing you’re thinking that I don’t know what it is."

++ "I felt very Lee J. Cobb threatening you." --Colin

++ "Yes, clever, wasn’t it? Ms. Lockhart’s idea. She’s very good, isn’t she? I think she’s channeling her old partner. Makes her quite attractive." --Colin

++ "Oh god, it’s like Mildred Pierce. We need to get you laid." --Owen, to Alicia

++ "Come on, killer." --Colin, to Renata

What did you think of "Tying the Knot"? Were you glad to see Colin Sweeney back? You've got to at least appreciate the one-liners. What about Owen? And how do you think Finn and Peter will work together?

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