The Good Wife recap: Killer Instinct

Alicia becomes a witness after a body is discovered at one of Colin Sweeney's parties, and Peter and Eli face a PR debacle involving Zach
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 27, 2014

LADY KILLER Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) returns with a new fiancé and more murder rumors

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But for now, Castro was still on the preliminary hearing. Judge Morris (Jane Alexander) was skeptical that he was taking over the case, but he powered through, calling Alicia Florrick to the stand. Judge Morris granted the subpoena. But before Alicia could testify, Colin approached her and essentially asked her to lie to keep Renata safe. As it turned out, this was just a plan concocted by Diane; she's going to ask Alicia about it on the stand and undermine her testimony.

The judge decided there wasn't enough probable cause, so she released Renata. Who really killed Morgan? Let's let Renata explain: "When Colin and I met, I wondered what we could possibly have in common.... It made me wonder what it would feel like to watch the life drain from someone's eyes." Awww, how sweet. Now they have murder in common! Well, you know what they say: The couple that kills together, stays together.

Meanwhile, Eli Gold was having a proverbial heart attack when a photo of Zach holding a bong popped up on Gawker. It was a public relations nightmare, considering Peter's stance against the legalization of marijuana. Eli called Alicia to get her to talk to Zach, but she was a little preoccupied with Mr. Sweeney. Eventually, Alicia spoke with her son, who said he was just talking the bong away from his friend Shauna so she wouldn't use it. Do you believe him? Alicia did, but then she got a call from Shauna saying that she couldn't lie for Zach and that he needed to face his problem head on. Uh oh.

Peter took a conference call to address the situation. He and Eli thought they had things handled before one of the reporters dropped a bomb: How did Peter square his beliefs with his brother-in-law's comments? Say what? Yup: Owen (Dallas Roberts) had been caught on camera speaking out against Peter's stance on marijuana laws.

Alicia and Owen had an intervention of sorts with Zach to talk to him about drug use, but Zach stood firm that he didn't smoke any pot. Instead, he just called out Alicia on keeping their family's positive public image. He's got a point Alicia. But at least the pot drama brought Owen back in the picture. He just wants Alicia to be happy, and I want him to come back more often.

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