The Good Wife recap: Killer Instinct

Alicia becomes a witness after a body is discovered at one of Colin Sweeney's parties, and Peter and Eli face a PR debacle involving Zach
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 27, 2014

LADY KILLER Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) returns with a new fiancé and more murder rumors

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Castro and Detective Johnson questioned Alicia again, this time asking if she saw Morgan's boyfriend, Demetrius (Owiso Odera), at the party. She said she did see him climbing the stairs. Johnson was worried that Alicia was confusing her duties as a defense attorney with her duties as a witness. And perhaps he wasn't wrong to worry, because Alicia had to admit that she confused who she actually saw going up the stairs. It wasn't Demetrius, but Barry Hildom, Colin's man-servant. But Alicia stood firm that even though she was wrong about this, she wasn't wrong about Sweeney's alibi.

With Colin in the clear, all signs pointed to Renata. She was promptly arrested for Morgan's murder. Alicia asked Diane to represent her since Florrick/Agos couldn't; Cary was already representing Colin, and Alicia was a witness. Finn Polmar was handed the preliminary hearing last-minute, but he was dealing with his own issues. Not only was he clearly stressed about being back in the courtroom -- he had flashbacks to all the blood and gunshots from the Jeffrey Grant trial -- he was also dealing with the Castro fallout. Alicia warned Finn that Castro might be coming after him, and suggested he run against him for the state's attorney job. If Finn ran against him, Castro couldn't fire him or he'd be in violation of the Shakman rule. Finn brushed it off, but thanked her for her creative thinking.

Back in court, Demetrius said that Morgan tried to end her relationship with Renata, but that she was scared of her lover. So Diane hit back with a liability waiver that Morgan signed, relinquishing her shibari partner of any blame. Finn used the testimony of Dr. Natalie Henley (Katie Jennings Grant) to confirm that Morgan's death was not a suicide; Diane used the principles of shibari to counteract Henley's testimony that the ligature marks didn't match the strap. The marks did match the strap if Morgan was the rigger, or dominant person in shibari. Meaning Renata was the canvas, or the one controlled.

Diane was coming out on top in the preliminary hearing, so Castro removed Finn from his post: "It's a big case. I don't want to lose it on the one-yard line." But as Alicia suspected, Castro just wanted a reason to step in. He asked Finn to take some time off. Finn declined, and Castro ordered him to take some time off. So Finn decided to take Alicia's advice after all. He told Castro he had declared his candidacy, and that he couldn't be fired without a Shakman violation. Then Finn demanded Castro give him all his cases back. Nicely played, Finn!

Finn hadn't actually declare his candidacy -- but now he had to. He called Alicia to tell her the news, and she told him she'd help him out with the 7,000 signatures he needed. Enter Eli Gold, who said he could get them in an hour.

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