The Good Wife recap: Putting the Fox In Charge

Florrick/Agos takes on a case against the NSA, and Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) returns to shake things up at Lockhart/Gardner
Ep. 18 | Aired Apr 20, 2014

SCAPEGOAT NO MORE Alicia defends Finn Polmar (Matthew Goode) in the State's Attorney's quest to blame someone for Will Gardner's death

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Alicia went to warn Eli, who was obviously worried because he and Peter had discussed the ballot box election over the phone. And Peter decided to take matters into his own hands. He called a senator friend at the Senate Intelligence Committee and asked him to check to see if Peter was, in fact, being targeted.

Back to the case: Clarke and Cary went to a mediation with the General Counsel. But they hit a pretty big roadblock when the NSA kept playing the state secrets card. Basically, they couldn't discuss any real aspects of the case without threatening the State Secrets Act, which was obviously just a ploy by the NSA to end the case. Clarke tried to make it about civil rights and discrimination, which was a stretch. But the threat that the case would become public record was enough to get the NSA to take a recess. We're counting the minor victories here.

The senator called Peter back and assured him that he and Alicia were in the clear, but Peter obviously had his doubts. So he brought up the Westgate construction site. The senator kept trying to end the discussion, but Peter pressed on:

Senator: "Uh, Peter, that was just between you and me."
Peter: "And it is between you and me. Now. On the phone."
Senator: "Peter, stop. You've made your point."

Peter told the senator to use his considerable influence to stop the tapping, or he'd call Alicia's office twice a week for the next five months to discuss the Westgate construction site. The senator said it was Froines running the situation, and Peter asked for his contact information. It was awesome. And Eli thought so too. He dropped to his knees: "I am not worthy!"

Back to the NSA mediation: Clarke and Cary were hitting more roadblocks because of classification issues. But in the end, it didn't matter. Peter had already done the dirty work to end the case. One of Peter's interns placed an ad to buy a car at a mosque. The attached contact information was for Charles Froines. So when Froines started to receive multiple calls from "members of a group advocating the violent overthrow of the U.S. government," red flags went up at the NSA. They placed Froines on administrative leave, and officially shut down the Florrick tap. Whew! The case against Jeff Dellinger was dropped, but he was MIA when Cary called to let him know. His co-workers figured he wouldn't be coming back anytime soon. Which makes the cynic in me wonder, did Jeff leak any confidential information?

Meanwhile, over at Lockhart/Gardner, Diane was trying to move forward with a potential Florrick/Agos merger. But with Alicia still at home in bed, she couldn't really get much traction. Unfortunately, Alicia had failed to mention the merger to Clarke and Cary. So when they heard about it, they were less than thrilled -- but recognized that Alicia was having difficulties processing everything. So they acknowledged that they'd have to start making some decisions without here.

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