The Good Wife recap: 'It's Really Pretty Awful, Isn't It?'

Alicia & Co. struggle to deal with the aftermath of Will's shocking death
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 30, 2014

THE LAST CALL Alicia receives a phone call from Kalinda that changes her life, and a phone call from Will that makes her question their relationship.


Kalinda spent the episode running around town trying to get answers about the shooting. And she used Det. Jenna Villette (Jordana Spiro) to stay in the know. First, she listened in on the detectives interviewing the sheriff whose gun was used in the shooting. He may or may not have been texting, but he made no such effort to retrieve his firearm once Jeffrey Grant took it. Ugh. Next up, Kalinda went to where they were holding Grant. He was in pretty bad shape. His new lawyer Alma Hoff (returning guest star Becky Ann Baker) argued that there was no evidence that Jeffrey was the cause of Will's death, pointing out that it could have been the crossfire. (Stephen Delaney, the man originally accused of Dani Littlejohn's murder, was also killed during the shooting.) Then she made it clear Jeffrey would enter a plea of insanity.

Alicia eventually found her way to the scene of the crime, where Judge Politi (Vincent Curatola) shared his version of the tragic events. And again, we were forced to see Will's missing shoe. That shoe will forever haunt me, and likely Alicia. Her visit to the courtroom led her to the hospital to visit Finn Polmar (Matthew Goode, who's been promoted to series regular). But instead of Finn, Alicia found Will. Wait, what? "It was all a mistake. Can you believe it? They thought it was me because the body was shot in the face." Damn you, hallucination!! So no, Alicia didn't find Will, but she did find Finn's assistant Maria (Suzy Jane Hunt). And Maria had some bad news for Alicia: Will made a call during the plea bargain. He was angry because someone was stealing his clients. Uh oh.

Kalinda continued her behind-the-scenes investigation with Jenna's help. The went to the morgue, where they learned that Will had been shot three times: a shot to the right shoulder and one to his stomach, both of which were survivable, and a shot to the thorax. That was the one that killed him, and that shot definitely came from Jeffrey Grant. Kalinda took a minute with Will's body, and yeah, it was terribly sad. (Interesting fact from The Good Wife writers on Twitter: The close-up shots of Will in the morgue were still photos because Josh Charles couldn't hold still.)

Armed with the information that Jeffrey was, in fact, responsible, Kalinda again went to see him in holding. Jenna convinced the guard on suicide watch to step away for a few minutes, and Kalinda offered Jeffrey his belt so he could end it all. I didn't think she'd actually hand over the belt, because that would be giving Jeffrey an easy out. And she didn't. "You’re gonna live with this. You know Will was a good man, and I loved him, and he was trying to help you. So you live with that."

Alicia went back home where she had a heart-to-heart with Grace about God and heaven. Grace tried to encourage Alicia by saying Will was with God now, but Alicia wasn't having any of it. So she was probably grateful when her phone rang. It was Finn Polmar. Alicia went back to the hospital to get Finn's version of events. He was loopy on painkillers, which added some humor to the scene. He told Alicia about Will's final moments. He didn't know why Will called Alicia, but he did solve one mystery: The angry phone call Maria had mentioned was about Damian stealing clients. Not her. Whew!

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