The Good Wife recap: 'It's Really Pretty Awful, Isn't It?'

Alicia & Co. struggle to deal with the aftermath of Will's shocking death
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 30, 2014

THE LAST CALL Alicia receives a phone call from Kalinda that changes her life, and a phone call from Will that makes her question their relationship.


Meanwhile, Diane went back to Lockhart/Gardner, where everyone was unaware of the situation. Before gathering the partners, she had a moment to herself in her office. When she looked across the hall into Will's office, she started to cry. But then she pulled herself together so she could break the news to her co-workers. The reaction there was pretty much what you'd expect. A lot of shock and gasps as people tried to deal with the terrible news. David Lee immediately walked out of the room, emptied a nearby conference room, and had his own breakdown. Guys, I can't handle it when David Lee cries! Meanwhile, Gail the intern (Allie Gallerani), couldn't keep her grief under control. Since she'd only been at the firm for a week, Diane, who didn't have time for that kind of behavior, fired her on the spot. Damn!

Alicia found her way to Lockhart/Gardner where she shared a heartbreaking embrace with Diane. Diane filled her in on the details about the shooting. Once Alicia learned that Jeffrey Grant was responsible, her earlier image of Will being shot was replaced with Grant taking aim. And then, of course, she felt guilt. The case would have been hers had she not left Lockhart/Gardner. Before she had time to dwell on that, Cary called. He was upset because Alicia was late to an important deposition with their client Candace (Tonya Glanz). But Cary's anger quickly transformed into shock after Alicia told him about Will's death. Cary was speechless.

Back at Florrick/Agos, Cary tried to delay the deposition, but the other attorney (played by Aaron Lazar) was being a "schmuck." (Candace's case was first introduced earlier this season in "Hitting the Fan.") So Cary channeled his grief and went into super badass mode. "I want to get out my aggressions and my anger by destroying your client," Cary told the attorney. "Now sit down. [Pause] I said sit the hell down." It was awesome.

While Alicia had a moment alone at Lockhart/Gardner, she noticed she had three voicemails: one from Kalinda, one from Diane, and one from Will. Unfortunately, the one from Will left much to the imagination: "Alicia.... Hold on, your honor. I’ll call you back." She replayed the message three times over the course of the episode, trying to determine what that last call was about. (Hence the episode's title.) Diane assured Alicia that Will wasn't mad at her and that he loved her. She imagined two possible scenarios for his call:
"Alicia. This feud, it’s stupid. I care about you too much to let it come between..."
"Alicia, are you kidding me? Leave my clients alone, Alicia. Find your own."

Meanwhile, David Lee was dealing with the unfortunate situation of alerting Will's clients. Diane wasn't too thrilled that he even brought it up, but recognized that it needed to be dealt with. This led to one of the best moments of the episode. An important client, Bob Klepper (John Bedford Lloyd), insisted that Diane meet with him immediately. She obliged, and then promptly fired him as a client for essentially being an insensitive jackass. And then, she told him she'd made sure no other firm would take him as a client either. It was priceless.

Bob: "It's not what Will would do."
Diane: "If I were dead, it's exactly what Will would do."

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