The Good Wife recap: Yes, That Just Happened

Everything about the show changes with a shocking and devastating twist
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 23, 2014

THE END It's the end of an era as a huge twist shakes things up on The Good Wife.


Memorable lines and moments from "Dramatics, Your Honor":

++ Alicia: "When you say you’re seeing her…"
Cary: [Just gives Alicia this look]
Alicia: "I thought she was gay."
Cary: "Bi...Or something."
Alicia: "Good. None of my business."
Cary: "Do you think this is the way Will and Diane talk?"
Alicia: [Laughs] We just need a shot of bourbon."
Cary: "I'll get some."

++ Will: "Kalinda, I could kiss you."
Kalinda: "Not here."

++ Will: "What do you have?"
Finn: "Me? Nothing. You know, just a song in my heart."

++"It’s like Perry Mason here with all this late-arriving stuff." —Judge Politi (Vincent Curatola)

++ Will: "Keeping the world safe for drunk CEOs."
Diane: "[Laughs] It’s my new motto!

++ Alicia: "Hey, we might have our differences. But you’re the better lawyer."
Will: "I am, aren't I?"
Alicia: "[Laughs] And the more humble!"

++ "When your men are trailing me, and they’re too far away to hear, just have them signal, and I’ll talk louder." —Alicia, to Nelson Dubek

We didn't get to see Alicia's reaction to the news, but we did get an extended teaser for the rest of season 5. It looks like things are going to get pretty interesting. I still can't picture this show without Will Gardner. But it looks like we're going to see that happen. Sound off with all your thoughts about the episode, but before you do, check out this statement from Robert and Michelle King

Goodbye, Will Gardner!! We're gonna miss you.

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