The Good Wife recap: Yes, That Just Happened

Everything about the show changes with a shocking and devastating twist
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 23, 2014

THE END It's the end of an era as a huge twist shakes things up on The Good Wife.


I kept talking to the TV, assuring myself mostly, that what I was watching couldn't actually be happening. There's NO WAY Will Gardner is dead. But it's not just some hallucination. He's gone. And I can't stop the tears! At this point in all the dramatics, I reminded myself that Will is just a fictional character, and that I probably should be having such a reaction to his death. But I was just in pure shock. Normally, these kind of spoilers make their way around the EW office prior to air. But this was a well-guarded secret. Because prior to tonight, I wouldn't have believed you if you told me that "Hitting the Fan" wouldn't be the craziest episode of the season.

Anyway, someone obviously had to tell Alicia. They had trouble getting ahold of her because she was in the middle of the correspondents' luncheon. But Kalinda finally got Eli to answer. And he pulled her off the stage to break the news. She answered the phone, and the episode ended.

The voter fraud scandal that's been at the forefront of the last few episodes clearly took a backseat to Will's story line. But here's what happened there: Nelson Dubek went to see Alicia again. He asked her to submit to a voluntary deposition, hoping that she would go on the record before Will did. Alicia warned Eli that Nelson Dubek was coming after them, but ultimately agreed to the deposition so she could maintain some level of control over the situation. Alicia asked Cary to represent her.

At the deposition, Alicia rocked an incredible outfit (and even more impeccable posture). Nelson Dubek admitted to having Alicia followed, and eventually took a stab at Will and Alicia's romantic relationship after he showed her multiple versions of the voter fraud tape. Noticing that he was grasping at straws, Alicia dropped this incredible Alicia truth bomb: "I know the investigator is in trouble when he makes it personal.... You're losing, Mr. Dubek." But that didn't deter Dubek: "You can bury your head in the sand, Mrs. Florrick, but once Will Gardner testifies, the dominoes will start falling." Little does he know that testimony from Will is never going to happen. I'll admit, I dislike Dubek and really want to see him fail. But this is not the way I wanted it to happen.

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