The Good Wife recap: Blast from the Past

Alicia reflects on her past while she prepares to deliver a keynote address; Elsbeth Tascioni returns to help Will with Nelson Dubek
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 16, 2014

HIGH HOPES Elsbeth Tascioni returns and takes on an agent in the Office of Public Integrity and an anti-Semitic bear 


Jim Moody stopped Will in the hotel to talk about the case, but Will cut him short knowing that as witnesses they weren't allowed to discuss any case details. Later in the episode Elsbeth was called away to meet with Will and Nelson in the mysterious black van. Nelson had the hotel security video of Will and Jim talking in private. We know they didn't talk about anything, but this original surveillance video would be admissible in court. Nelson likely cut a deal with Moody. "I'm not interested in you," he told Will. "I want Peter Florrick. All you have to do is testify against him.... You have 48 hours." Will is officially between a rock and a hard place.

Memorable lines and moments from "A Few Words":

++ NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio making a (loud) cameo on Clarke's taxi TV

++ "I'm trying, but the mayor won't stop talking!" —Clarke Hayden, who can't get his taxi TV turned off

++ "I'm sorry. I can't hear you." —Will, after putting in earplugs, to Nelson Dubek

++ "I want everybody to close their eyes and picture a pillow. A big pillow. The size of this room. And you’re lying in the middle of it. Now, take off your shoes…” —Elsbeth, beginning a presentation about litigation, obviously

++ “And that’s the most I’ve ever said keynote in my entire life.” —Clarke Hayden

++ "Anything you can find. Dirt or past arrests. Maybe he has a drinking problem. I am not a dirty stinking Jew!” —Elsbeth

++ The Lockhart/Gardner employees playing soccer while Will and Diane were away at the ABA conference

++ "You like nice things. So go be a whore." —Jackie, to Alicia in one of the flashbacks

++ Alicia: "It's hard to get drunk on beer."
Will: "You just gotta try harder."

++ Easily the best part of the episode, Elsbeth singing "High Hopes" while Clarke Hayden played the piano

++ "Ms. Tascioni, don’t take this the wrong way. But you have an awful voice." —Clarke Hayden

What did you think of "A Few Words"? Did you miss the typical case of the week? Did you like all the flashbacks? Do you think Will and Alicia have reached an agreement of sorts, or will their fighting continue? And what do you think Will will decide? Will he testify against Peter? Or find a way to maintain attorney/client privilege? Sound off with all your thoughts in the comments.

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