The Good Wife recap: Blast from the Past

Alicia reflects on her past while she prepares to deliver a keynote address; Elsbeth Tascioni returns to help Will with Nelson Dubek
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 16, 2014

HIGH HOPES Elsbeth Tascioni returns and takes on an agent in the Office of Public Integrity and an anti-Semitic bear 


Their impromptu meeting was ended when a call from Clarke Hayden came in. Rayna Hecht was impressed with Alicia's speech and agreed to a meeting. Alicia was a little tipsy and referenced "crapital structure" in her prep with Cary and Clarke. So, yeah. That didn't look promising. Rayna asked Alicia if she was happy at Lockhart/Gardner, to which she replied, "to a point." In the end, it was the sober Clarke who ended up saying "crapital structure." Ooops. And after it was all said and done, we learned that it was Elsbeth Tascioni (more on her later) who won a new partner in Rayna Hecht. They're starting a two-woman firm together. Sorry, Florrick/Agos.

Meanwhile Nelson Dubek (Eric Bogosian) returned, trying to convince Will to testify against Peter Florrick in the voter fraud scandal. Will continued to ignore him and promptly bought a pair of earplugs to get the message across: He wasn't interested in working with Dubek. Diane asked Will about the mysterious man, and he filled her in about the surveillance tape. They had this conversation while waiting for a session at the conference to begin. Hey, look! It's our favorite guest star Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni! While she started to speak about her approach to litigation, Will's wheels started to turn. And Diane noticed: "No. Will, no." But it was too late. Will met with Elsbeth and asked her to represent him.

Carrie Preston is always a scene stealer as Elsbeth, so it was no surprise that her meeting with Will was so hilarious. A costumed bear called her a "dirty stinking Jew" while she was taking a selfie, and that totally threw her off. "Watch out! That bear is anti-Semitic!" she warned the fellow tourists. Anyway, Will filled Elsbeth in on his current situation. If he testifies against Peter, he risks disbarment for breaking attorney/client privilege. But if he doesn't testify, he risks contempt of court. Elsbeth agreed to represent Will, and asked Kalinda to look into Nelson Dubek.

Elsbeth's streak of awesomeness continued as she met with Nelson Dubek. She told him to leave Will alone, or she'd sue him for harassment. This led to a discussion about the fraud video Nelson had. She called him out on not having the original video, and told him that the gif he was using would hold up in court. But Nelson didn't back down:

Nelson: "The governor is guilty."
Elsbeth: "How do you know that?"
Nelson: "He's the governor of Illinois."

Fortunately, Elsbeth recorded this conversation thanks to the one-party consent laws of New York. And she had her own proof that Nelson Dubek didn't care about the facts of the case. Again, Elsbeth told Nelson to leave Peter alone, but she did encourage him to investigate an anti-Semitic costumed, furry bear in Times Square.

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