The Good Wife recap: Blast from the Past

Alicia reflects on her past while she prepares to deliver a keynote address; Elsbeth Tascioni returns to help Will with Nelson Dubek
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 16, 2014

HIGH HOPES Elsbeth Tascioni returns and takes on an agent in the Office of Public Integrity and an anti-Semitic bear 


Another flashback featured Alicia and Cary, which led to a present-day conversation about what Cary thought of Alicia when the first met. They both agreed that if they had to hire Cary or Alicia today, they would have hired Cary. "So why did Will hire you?" Cary asked. "Because you're a slut!" answered Flashback Jackie. (She's the worst and best all wrapped into one.)

Meanwhile, Alicia, Cary, and Clarke Hayden were trying to convince Rayna Hecht (Jill Hennessy) to join their firm. She was looking for a new place to practice, and she'd bring with her more than $60 million a year in billing. "She is the very definition of a rainmaker," said Clarke. But, of course, that meant everyone was gunning for her, including Will and Diane. Things didn't look promising when Rayna cut their meeting short. But Rayna didn't realize who she was bailing on. So Florrick/Agos were given a second chance of sorts when Rayna agreed to hear Alicia's keynote address and then decide whether or not she wanted to meet with them. Also, Robyn believed that Rayna was looking for a more woman-friendly firm. No pressure, Alicia.

Eventually, it was time for the keynote. And after all that buildup, we didn't hear much of it because of another flashback: Diane didn't want to hire Alicia, even though Will was pushing for her. He asked Kalinda to put together a dossier on her so he could sell her to the other partners. "Peter Florrick's wife?" I loved Kalinda's subtle reaction to Alicia's name. Kalinda had already slept with Peter, but no one knew that at this point. So I'm sure Kalinda was relieved to report that Alicia won a couple dozen cases before taking maternity leave. But her old firm was on the verge of firing her because she lacked a killer instinct. Ooof. Will asked Kalinda to bury her findings.

But we weren't the only ones to not hear Alicia's speech. In the middle of the keynote, Lindler launched a hostile takeover of MRG Pharmaceuticals, so the majority of the audience bailed to get in on it. What better way to drown your sorrows than with a drink? Alicia was at a busy coffee shop across the street from the hotel and, much to her disappointment, Will was seated right next to her. They had a heart-to-heart of sorts where they discussed their mutual dislike for each other. And for Will, it's all about her scheming behind his back before leaving the firm. He told her he would have behaved the same way if any other partner had left. But I think we all know that's not entirely true. His issues with Alicia have always been more complicated. They shook hands and appeared to come to some sort of understanding.

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