The Good Wife recap: Listen Up

Florrick/Agos tries to keep Lemond Bishop happy while they represent him on a drug-related charge, and the investigation into possible voter fraud continues.
Ep. 13 | Aired Mar 9, 2014

INCONCEIVABLE! Wallace Shawn reprises his role as Lemond Bishop's right-hand man.


Alicia had the uncomfortable task of questioning Clarke Hayden, Cary, and Robyn about the information they might have shared. But Alicia was confident that none of them could be responsible for the leak. No closer to an answer, Mr. Lester left and told Alicia she needed to be on call at 3 p.m. the next day since Bishop had to deliver something to O'Hare Airport.

As it turns out, the mystery delivery to the airport was just a ploy to figure out who the leak was. Bishop and Lester were pulled over for a routine traffic stop en route to O'Hare. But it wasn't all that routine since DEA Agent Lee Cheswick (Matthew Rauch) was in tow. Unfortunately, Bishop had more than 900 grams of cocaine in his trunk. But wait a second, Cheswick! That's not cocaine. It's just regular pancake mix. (On a related note, I'm now craving chocolate chip pancakes.)

Anyway, Lester and Bishop's plan worked. They toldĀ Alicia, Cary, Robyn, and Clarke Hayden four different delivery times so when their vehicle was predictably pulled over, they'd know who the leak was. And in an odd turn of events, it appeared as though Alicia was responsible for spilling the beans. But we know that she wouldn't do that. That led them to believe that their phones were being tapped. And they are. But not by the DEA like they assumed. It's the NSA! And we've come full circle, here.

Lemond Bishop arranged to get Florrick/Agos some burner phones to stop the DEA from listening in. But we know that it's much bigger than that. So the burner phones didn't do much good. But Florrick/Agos thought they were getting ahead of the prosecution on Lemond's case. Cary recommended they get a preservation order. And while it was a great idea, Judge Kluger shot down their request in court. Assuming that the wire tapping was about Lemond Bishop, Cary and Alicia decided to go ahead and tell Will and Diane that they were probably being tapped as well. Unsurprisingly, Diane and Will were skeptical of this information and asked Kalinda to get the truth out of Cary.

But again, none of our Good Wife lawyers really know that this wire tapping business is much bigger than Lemond Bishop. Tobias Segal reprised his role as NSA employee Tyler Hopkins, and this time he was joined by Maulik Pancholy (30 Rock) who played Dev Jain. They continued to listen in -- burner phones and all -- and realized that Alicia & Co. knew that they were under surveillance. Tyler and Dev alerted the powers that be at the NSA.

NEXT: Eli and Marilyn don't see eye to eye....

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