The Good Wife recap: High Hopes

Alicia and Will tackle chaos in the courtroom when they represent co-defendants with separate jury pools; Marilyn begins her investigation on the possible gubernatorial voter fraud
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 12, 2014

FIX IT Alicia confronts Peter about the potential voter fraud and demands that he fix it. (At least it's not a prostitute this time!) 

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Meanwhile, Robyn learned that they might have an opportunity to steal another big client away from Lockhart/Gardner. Later in the episode, Kalinda met Cary at a bar in another effort to make amends. But before they resolved their issues, the bartender spilled a drink on Cary. While he was gone cleaning himself up, he received a text from Robyn about the Paisley group. Kalinda saw the text and attempted to ignore it. But her investigator instincts won out. She read the text, which said that James Paisley (Tom Skerritt) was arrested for solicitation with H. Elliot.

Thinking she'd bested Robyn, Kalinda alerted Will, and they took time from the case of the week to question Paisley about leaving Lockhart/Gardner. But it was all a trap. H. Elliot is actually Haley Elliot, Paisley's granddaughter who's in a wheelchair with Hodgkin's. Props to Cary for giving Kalinda a taste of her own medicine. He paid the bartender to spill the drink on him and arranged the text to be sent, knowing Kalinda would take the bait. After the unfortunate encounter, Paisley took his business to Florrick/Agos. So they didn't win the case of the week, but at least they stole a top client from LG.

At the end of the episode, Kalinda went to see Cary at his apartment to essentially congratulate him on pulling one over on her and once again tried to make amends. She asked him to go get a drink, and he shut the door in her face after telling her he didn't think it was a good idea. But it was just a fake out. He grabbed his coat, and off they went. In related news, I'm still shipping Cary and Kalinda!

 The best lines from "We, The Juries":
++ Kalinda: "I'm sorry."
Cary: "For?"
Kalinda: "For things ending poorly between us."
Cary: "You're forgiven. Anything else?"
Kalinda: "Yeah. You're being a douche."

++ "But I would insist that is my manner. I am absolutist in my encouragement toward my underlings." —Eli

++ "Eli, I could fill a book with what you know about what you don’t know." —Jim Moody

++ "I don't know. I...because?" —Matan Brody, explaining the reasoning behind his objection in court

++ "It's like herding cats with you people." —Judge Spencer

++ "Peter is in real trouble, Eli. He's in trouble for one reason. Will Gardner." —Marilyn

What did you think of "We, The Juries"? What do you think is going to happen with Peter's voter fraud situation? Do you think Peter will retaliate against Will? If so, how? Did you like the Bruce Springsteen crossover? The episode featured three songs from his new album, High Hopes, which you can stream on Sound off with all your thoughts in the comments.

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