The Good Wife recap: High Hopes

Alicia and Will tackle chaos in the courtroom when they represent co-defendants with separate jury pools; Marilyn begins her investigation on the possible gubernatorial voter fraud
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 12, 2014

FIX IT Alicia confronts Peter about the potential voter fraud and demands that he fix it. (At least it's not a prostitute this time!) 

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Eli and Jim Moody had a presumably off-the-record chat about Moody's actions. Moody could get three years of jail time for committing election fraud. He'd get less if he testified. Eli tried to convince him that the former was the better option. And I would have to agree -- if you're Eli. The conversation ended with Moody seemingly agreeing to stay quiet about Eli's potential involvement. Only time will tell, though, if that actually happens.

In the meantime, Marilyn continued her own investigation. She called Alicia to question her about the role she played as Peter's lawyer during the election. Alicia said she didn't know anything about the video, and reiterated to Marilyn that she went to court to de-legitimize those votes. But the meeting shook Alicia up. She marched into Peter's office to confront him. Unsurprisingly, she was less worried about Peter's career, and more concerned about Zach's possible involvement with the case. Since Zach testified in court about the ballots, Alicia knew he'd be roped in to any new investigation involving voter fraud. Peter promised Alicia he'd fix it, but I'm afraid that's not necessarily a promise he can keep.

Marilyn finally got her chance to question Will, and he admitted that he knew about the video. But he refused to answer any more of her questions on account of attorney-client privilege. Marilyn asked Peter to waive attorney-client privilege, but a private chat between the two men, unsurprisingly, didn't go so well. Will told Peter that he would tell Marilyn that he tried to show Peter the video. That is true. Then, he said he would tell her that he told Peter that he had evidence that Peter would lose the election and that 30,000 votes were fraudulent. And that is false. Will decided to play hardball, and it worked. "Politicians have a way of misremembering things to their liking." Oh, snap! Will used this as a point to get back at Peter for revoking Diane's Supreme Court nomination. In the end, Peter felt like he couldn't waive attorney-client privilege. And as a result, Marilyn's report would remain inconclusive until she had Peter's "full and unconditional cooperation." Peter's definitely in a lot of trouble. And it's all Will's fault.

The highlight of the episode was the Cary/Kalinda story line. The supporting characters got some much-needed screen time while Kalinda tried to repair their damaged relationship. She betrayed Cary earlier in the season when she pretended to leave LG for Florrick/Agos, when really she was just gathering information for Lockhart/Gardner. Unsurprisingly, Cary wasn't having it.

NEXT: Cary gives Kalinda a taste of her own medicine...

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