The Good Wife recap: High Hopes

Alicia and Will tackle chaos in the courtroom when they represent co-defendants with separate jury pools; Marilyn begins her investigation on the possible gubernatorial voter fraud
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 12, 2014

FIX IT Alicia confronts Peter about the potential voter fraud and demands that he fix it. (At least it's not a prostitute this time!) 

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But I digress. Darla was a hot blonde dating a nerdy Howard, so both sides tried to use their mismatched looks against them. Not to mention, they'd only been together for a week before the alleged drug smuggling. The drugs were found in Howard's carry-on bag, but they found $30,000 on Darla, suggesting that they were co-conspirators. A flight attendant, Christina (hi, Ashley Williams!), confirmed the couple's suspicious pairing, complete with a probable sex-in-the-bathroom encounter between Darla and another woman on the plane. In return, Alicia and Will attempted some character assassination against Christina later in the episode.

Howard and Darla were offered a package deal: If they both pleaded to possession, they'd each get six years. But they decided to continue to fight. At this point, Alicia and Will saw two jurors from the opposite juries talking. But they decided to sit on that information. Only later, when things weren't looking good for Howard, did Alicia decide to bring that information to Judge Spencer. But Will denied seeing anything. Ugh. Seriously, Will? In the end, Darla was found not guilty, and Howard had to take a new plea deal: four years in prison, but he'd be eligible for parole in two. But don't worry, dude. Darla's going to wait for you!

Now on to Peter's scandal-in-waiting: Eli managed to get the Tribune reporter to sit on the video for two weeks. He hoped that lead would give them enough time to get in front of the story. It became evident that Jim Moody was responsible. Again, Peter and Eli stood firm on the fact that they'd never seen the video before, and certainly didn't order Moody to rig the vote. We know from the season 4 finale that the votes didn't actually affect the outcome of the election, but still, we don't need a Marilyn around to tell us that this is bad news bears.

Peter admitted that Will came to him on election day to tell him about a video, but Peter never saw said video. So it was natural for Eli and Peter to assume that Will might be behind the video leak. We all know Will and Peter have it out for each other. Eli assured Marilyn he didn't ask Jim Moody to stuff the ballot. But he did admit that he told Moody they were short of votes in the 12th precinct, and they needed to get out the vote. "There's a chance I said we needed to do whatever we could." That in itself isn't wrong, but Eli knew Moody could come back and use that against him.

NEXT: Peter and Will face off, this time in person! 

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