The Good Wife recap: Thicky Trick

Will uses his knowledge of Alicia's weaknesses against her in court and Eli tries to avoid another Peter-related scandal 
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 5, 2014

BABY MAMA DRAMA Eli asks Kalinda to investigate the paternity of Marilyn's unborn child 

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Eli about had a heart attack when he learned of Marilyn's late-night hotel rendezvous in Springfield. Especially when he confirmed that Peter Florrick was in town that night. Kalinda had searched the hotel security footage, but that day's digital disc was noticeably missing. With his red flags raised, Eli confronted Marilyn again. And again, she told him to stay out of it.

In the throwaway story line of the episode, Will and Diane still weren't seeing eye to eye on how to run the firm. Will was ready to expand LG to L.A., and Diane wanted a two-month delay on soliciting new clients. Damian's presence was of no help, either. But eventually, Will and Diane had their come-to-Jesus moment and Diane agreed to support him while he took his chance leading the firm. And Will promised that all of his erratic behavior is not about Alicia. (Sorry, Will, we don't believe you.)

But I've really buried the lede here: Eli received a call from Anne Stevens, a reporter at the Tribune, searching for a comment about a video she had. The assumption was that she had acquired the missing security footage from the night Marilyn's baby was conceived. But it's worse! It's video of election fraud. Search your mind grapes and recall the season 4 finale. Jim Moody committed voter fraud, and it's finally catching up with Peter and his campaign. We don't know yet how much Eli and Peter know, but either way, this is not good for Peter's political career. We're talking way worse than fathering a child with another woman.

Oh, and the father of Marilyn's child? It's not Peter Florrick. It's Peter Bogdanovich!! Brilliant.

The other best lines and moments from "Goliath and David":

++ "I hate it when they look at each other like that." —Rowby, about a shared look between Alicia and Cary

++ "Can I get a new chair, mine squeaks?" —Rowby in court (full of one-liners)

++ An exchange worth mentioning again
Will: "So you decided to change?"
Alicia: "Yup. Into what I wore the night you banged me the first time."
Will: "That’s pretty low of you."
Alicia: "I know. I wasn’t so discriminating back then."

++ Kalinda not knowing who Katy Perry is

++ Can I just say that I love this stuff? I mean, I don’t understand a word you guys are saying. But this is awesome." —Rowby, about the "legal jazz" in the courtroom

++ Marshall's awkward hug/touch with Cary when they won the case

Fun facts from The Good Wife writers' twitter account:

++ "Thicky Trick (rap version) is by DJ Troy$e. It's part of a music library, not published through a record label"

++ "The folk and pop versions of #ThickyTrick were produced specifically for this episode of #thegoodwife. Great job with the music everybody!

What did you think of "Goliath and David"? Were you surprised by Marilyn's baby daddy? And what do you think about the voter fraud finally coming back in to play? Sound off with all your thoughts in the comments! And try -- just try -- to get "Thicky Trick" out of your head.

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