The Good Wife recap: Thicky Trick

Will uses his knowledge of Alicia's weaknesses against her in court and Eli tries to avoid another Peter-related scandal 
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 5, 2014

BABY MAMA DRAMA Eli asks Kalinda to investigate the paternity of Marilyn's unborn child 

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They decided to take a new angle and argue that Rowby's version of "Thicky Trick" was a satire, and thus transformative artwork. (His goal was to make it funny, like Rick Astley rapping!) And the new argument gave them some room to maneuver. But Preston and Will hit back with a testimony from Rebel Kane, himself. He intended the original song to be a satire, meaning their satire argument was quickly falling apart. Alicia put Robyn on the case, hoping she could find anything online about Rowby's version being a satire.

Instead, she found something even better. A Swedish version of the Drama Camp song had been posted online. And a the 1:23 mark, she discovered an interesting sound: bowling pins falling. Rowby and Marshal recorded their song in their manager's bowling alley. It was the proof they needed that actual theft had occurred. Robyn saved the day case. Hugs all around. Even you, awkward Marshall!

So back to Kalinda's investigation of Marilyn: At first, she was pretty hesitant to help Eli, and by association Peter. But Eli managed to sway her when he gave his impassioned "do it for Alicia!" speech. Kalinda started her investigation by pretending to be pregnant and waiting in Marilyn's doctor's office. But Jenna (Jordana Spiro) interrupted the charade, likely because she's still thick as thieves with Damian. Kalinda was not happy. But that didn't stop the ladies from enjoying some dinner and some, ahem, dessert later. But their bliss was short-lived. Kalinda couldn't deal with Jenna and Damian's close-knit relationship, and she ended things with Jenna.

Some deeper digging turned up Marilyn's former high school flame, conveniently named Peter. Marilyn had been with him at her high school reunion during the conception window, but she didn't sleep with him. But this Peter did share some pretty damning information: Marilyn left the reunion early to meet with another Peter in Springfield. Peter Florrick, this is not looking good.

NEXT: Who's your daddy? Probably not who you think.... 

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