The Good Wife recap: 100 Times Good

In the show's 100th episode, Alicia learns a former client bequeathed her millions of dollars, Lockhart/Gardner contests the will, and everybody gears up for the Florrick/Agos holiday party
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 1, 2013

BLAST FROM THE PAST Alicia's old bangs return in flashback scenes dealing with her former client Matthew Ashbaugh (John Noble) 

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Meanwhile, Peter was taking flack from Eli for agreeing to go to Alicia's holiday party without seeing the guest list. Peter wasn't concerned about looking bad, and basically told Eli to get over it. Eli was mostly worried about Peter being seen with the show's infamous wife killer, Colin Sweeney. Mr. Gold enlisted the help of Marilyn, who wasn't all that concerned because she had a new pregnancy sound system to occupy her time. But Eli finally got Marilyn on board, trying to convince Peter to not attend the Florrick/Agos party. When that didn't work, they tried the Alicia route. But she refused to dis-invite Colin Sweeney.

Alicia was also dealing with mama drama. One of the stipulations of Peter's attendance at the holiday party was that Jackie Florrick be able to come. And because she's an awful person, Jackie called Veronica to rub it in her face. An angry Veronica went to Alicia requesting her own invite. Then, with news of Peter's attendance circulating, Florrick/Agos got more than 800 new RSVPs. Their holiday shindig had become the ultimate event of the season.

In the end, Eli caught a lucky break when Donna Brazile (guesting as herself) requested a meeting with Peter at the same time of the Florrick/Agos party. Brazile and Peter discussed the possibility of a 2016 presidential bid, and much to Eli's chagrin, Peter convinced her to come with him to Alicia's party. Thankfully, Colin Sweeney wasn't there. His flight had been delayed. And the likelihood of Eli having a heart attack reduced dramatically. But don't get too comfortable, Eli. Because in his effort to ensure that Mr. Sweeney wouldn't be there, he overlooked Chicago's top drug dealer. Enter Lemond Bishop. Oh, boy.

Speaking of whom, Marilyn told Veronica she was having a boy at the party. And just like that, Eli's fears about Peter and Lemond Bishop were quickly tabled. Why, you ask? Marilyn said she's naming the baby...PETER!!

The best lines and moments from "The Decision Tree":

++ “David wanted me to take [the meeting]. He said, um, he’d 'rather negotiate with the devil.' Me? I don’t care who I negotiate with.” —Damian Boyle, explaining to Alicia why he took the meeting instead of David Lee

++ “Holiday decorations, Jackie. Not Christmas. Not Jesus. Holiday.” —Eli, to Jackie about decorating Peter's office

++ Marilyn's pregnancy sound system

++ Cary: “What does he got?"
Alicia: "A whole lot of anger.”

++ "Yes. I know. We have lost all shreds of sanity." Eli, telling Alicia that Peter and Donna Brazile are coming to the party

++ "Sometimes I think of you as Mom, and other times just as this interesting person who lives in our house." —Zach, to Alicia

++ "Well, maybe you should drink a little more, and that might kill that bug up your ass." –Veronica, to Jackie

++ Eli's spit take at Marilyn's baby name announcement

What did you think of "The Decision Tree"? Was it worthy of the 100-episode milestone? Do you think Marilyn's baby Peter is just a red herring to throw us off? Or did Little Peter make another mistake? What do you think about Kalinda and Damian? Should they date? Will she keep seeing Jenna? And what are you thoughts about all the Will/Alicia flashbacks? Sound off in the comments!

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