The Good Wife recap: 100 Times Good

In the show's 100th episode, Alicia learns a former client bequeathed her millions of dollars, Lockhart/Gardner contests the will, and everybody gears up for the Florrick/Agos holiday party
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 1, 2013

BLAST FROM THE PAST Alicia's old bangs return in flashback scenes dealing with her former client Matthew Ashbaugh (John Noble) 

David Giesbrecht/CBS

Back in the actual courtroom, Alicia's questioning started out similar to how Will pictured it -- minus the explosive Will/Alicia moment. This scene was filled with more flashbacks to the former couple's happier days (read: sexy times). But unlike Will's imagined version, Alicia admitted to manipulating Matthew Ashbaugh. But she said she did that at the behest of David Lee. (A common trend: David Lee is often at the center of the firm's shady business.) And then she said that she influenced him to sign the original will. Not the magic marker one. Will certainly didn't see that one coming.

But after all that, the case had a bit of a anti-climatic ending. Will called Florrick/Agos, hoping to speak to Cary. He ended up talking with Alicia instead. He told her that four more wills had been discovered, each one leaving money to a different woman. All of Ashbaugh's wills would likely be found invalid. Alicia's not a millionaire. And things are super uncomfortable between her and Will. We're back where we started.

Back to the opening sequence car chase: Kalinda learned that Damian had gone to Florrick/Agos, not knowing that he was there at the request of David Lee. She alerted Diane, and Diane asked her to keep up her vetting process. Damian confronted Kalinda about the tailing, but it didn't really accomplish anything. She didn't get any answers, and he didn't convince her to stop following him. They both drove around like crazy people, and after a game of car chicken, Damian called her and said the following: "Kalinda, you need to go out with me.... Me mom loves the Indians."

Unsurprisingly, this did not go over well. They continued their wild car chase, and Kalinda drove right into a Damian-set trap. Kalinda was pulled over by Detective  Jenna Villette (Jordana Spiro) and subsequently arrested. Jenna owed Damian a favor, so she kept Kalinda in the backseat of her police car in an effort to keep her in holding overnight. Kalinda decided to make the most of the situation and questioned Jenna about Damian. But Jenna remained tight-lipped. Things took a turn for the interesting when Jenna told Kalinda she'd let her go if she charmed her.
Kalinda: "I don't do charm."
Jenna: "Okay, then sit tight."
Kalinda: "What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?
Jenna: "What?"
Kalinda: "A stick."

And that was all it took. The next time we saw Kalinda and Jenna, they were in bed together. (And I'm sure somewhere out there Damian was bummed he missed it.) The two ladies shared pillow talk about guns, naturally. And Kalinda, always on the job, tried to get more info about Damian. She may not be any wiser about LG's newest lawyer, but at least she has a new lady friend.

NEXT: Marilyn announces some unexpected news....

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