The Good Wife recap: 100 Times Good

In the show's 100th episode, Alicia learns a former client bequeathed her millions of dollars, Lockhart/Gardner contests the will, and everybody gears up for the Florrick/Agos holiday party
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 1, 2013

BLAST FROM THE PAST Alicia's old bangs return in flashback scenes dealing with her former client Matthew Ashbaugh (John Noble) 

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Alicia tried to get some more answers out of Damian about the contract, this time with Robyn recording the conversation. Unfortunately, Robyn recorded that conversation using an app that added farting noises to the audio. Ooops! But then Clarke Hayden came in with the real bomb: A contending will had been discovered. Instead of all of Ashbaugh's estate going to his wife, this second will bequeathed $12 million to a charity, and another $12 million to Alicia. Robyn's "Holy s---!" reaction -- which was appropriately bleeped by the show's title card and "Angels We Have Heard on High" -- was pretty similar to mine. Because just like that, it seemed like Alicia was about to become a millionaire.

Off to court Alicia went. Will, Diane, and Damian argued that Ashbaugh's widow was the true beneficiary of his estate, and Cary and Clarke argued on Alicia's behalf. Judge Peter Dunaway (Kurt Fuller) presided over the case. The second will -- the one naming Alicia and the charity as the two beneficiaries -- was discovered in a safety deposit box. It had been drawn 16 months before Ashbaugh died, and written in magic marker. The only witness to the secondary will was Paula Gidfar (Leigh Ann Larkin), an escort. Paula was paid $5,000 for a 9:00 to 9:00. She would do anything Ashbaugh wanted in that 12-hour window. In Ashbaugh's case, this included an enema ( and a signature.

A very nervous Clarke Hayden handled Paula's cross-examination. It started out awkwardly, but then Clarke pulled out a huge win for the Florrick/Agos side. The will in question was actually signed after Paula's 9-to-9 services ended, meaning she wasn't being paid for that particular service. She wasn't a paid witness. So LG had to change course, and this time they pointed to Ashbaugh's possible mental instability when he wrote the second will. But a flashback to a client meeting with Will and Alicia told a different story. Ashbaugh's motto, "Always play the fox," suggested that his eccentricity was a put on. Because of the conflicting testimonies, Judge Dunaway had no choice but to consider both wills valid. This flashback was also particularly relevant because it told the story of a time when Will and Alicia were happily together. He rubbed her leg under the table, and that was the mildest of affections shown in the series of scenes of Will and Alicia's past.

Realizing they'd hit another wall, Will called Alicia as a new witness to argue that Ashbaugh had been encouraged by her influence to draw up a new will. Specifically, a will that included her. The judge agreed to hear them out. Later that night, Will sat down with a beer to prepare to question Alicia in court. This, my fellow Good Wife fans, is Josh Charles' Emmy reel. Seriously. Give him all the awards for this scene! He started to write out questions for Alicia, and then he imagined her responses as he thought they would play out in court. This was interspersed with more flashbacks of Will's trip to New York with Alicia to see Ashbaugh. They definitely took advantage of their alone time together.

The memories of him with Alicia were too much for him to handle. As he fought back tears, he continued his prep work, trying to figure out how to get Alicia to admit she'd used undue influence. As part of his imagined courtroom dialogue, Will and Alicia delivered this powerful exchange:
Alicia: "I'm married."
Will: "You always use that, don't you. Married. You're conveniently married when you want to be."
Alicia: "That's not fair. I loved you."
Will: "You made me believe that so that you could steal my clients."
Alicia: "No. Will."
Will: "Stop it! I don’t like it when you’re weak.”

Ugh! It doesn't really matter if you want Will and Alicia together in the long run. This was a truly heartbreaking but incredibly insightful moment into their relationship. And the crazy thing is it didn't even actually happen! Will's imagination was cut short when Isabel asked him to come back to bed. Go away, Isabel.

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