The Good Wife season finale recap: Vote of Fraudulence

Alicia, Will, and Diane handle a series of emergency court proceedings to deal with potential voter fraud in Peter's gubernatorial campaign, and a winner is finally declared in the season 4 finale  
Ep. 22 | Aired Apr 28, 2013

WILL THEY? In spite of her recent recommitment to Peter, Alicia struggles with her complicated feelings for Will.

David M. Russell/CBS

Before you weigh in with your thoughts, I must point out that the episode had some really great exchanges and one-liners. Since it's the finale, I'll leave you with these gems to hold you over until season 5:
++ Will, referring to Patti's child: "Is this a new one?"
Patti: "I don't know. I've lost track."

++ Diane: "Your honor, objection. This kind of stunt went out with Perry Mason."
Judge Abernathy: "And yet I enjoy it every time."

++ “I have dedicated my life to not predicting what Jackie knows.” —Eli Gold

++ Cristian: "I've had enough water for a lifetime."
Eli: "Right, right. Coming over from Cuba."
Cristian: "No. Working as a lifeguard."

++ "I love horror movies. Do you know why I love horror movies? Because they're awesome." —Eli, watching Hostel 3 (please note, this is the same reasoning as to why I love Eli Gold)

++ "In thinking over my early determination, I thought of a story. It's about a very young boy, an old man, and a donkey. What the hell, I'm too tired. Judgement in favor of the defense." —Judge Abernathy

++ "Like Les Misérables, did you see that musical?" —Colin Sweeny (I'm including this one because the show referenced Les Miz last week too! David Lee talked about Jean Valjean. The Good Wife writers must really love Les Miz!)

Now it's question time: Did you ever think Alicia would leave Lockhart/Gardner? What will happen with the Cary/Kalinda dynamic? When will Alicia finally have a conversation with Will? Does their shared kiss mean Alicia will postpone her vow renewal with Peter? What is Jackie really doing with Cristian? And will Jim Moody's involvement with fraudulent voting be exposed? Sound off with all your comments on the season 4 finale, and make sure you read our interview with Matt Czuchry about the finale over on InsideTV. Thanks for joining me this season! Try not to replay that Will/Alicia kiss too many times over the hiatus. Wouldn't want to break the DVR!

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