The Good Wife season finale recap: Vote of Fraudulence

Alicia, Will, and Diane handle a series of emergency court proceedings to deal with potential voter fraud in Peter's gubernatorial campaign, and a winner is finally declared in the season 4 finale  
Ep. 22 | Aired Apr 28, 2013

WILL THEY? In spite of her recent recommitment to Peter, Alicia struggles with her complicated feelings for Will.

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In non-election news, Cary met with the other fourth years at an office space in search of their new firm's headquarters. But at $60 a square foot, the perfect location was well out of their price range. One of the fourth years pointed out that they could afford it if they reduced their up-front salary costs. And the best way to do that? Not bringing on Kalinda. Perhaps because of their history, or perhaps because she's really just that good a winning cases, or maybe both, Cary insisted that they needed her to be successful. The other fourth years were still hesitant and asked Cary to speak with Kalinda about taking a smaller salary until their second year in business. Kalinda didn't take too well to that idea, and she and Cary continued to argue about the numbers. He tried to sell her on getting in on the ground floor of the new firm, but Kalinda wasn't having it.

While Cary and the fourth years continued to discuss their Kalinda problem at the bar, they were surprised with the presence of Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker). Sweeney happened to own the building that Cary was considering for the new firm. He wanted two years of free unlimited legal work in exchange for a 20 percent savings on the office space. But Cary had no intention of taking away one of Alicia's top clients, and informed Sweeney that Mrs. Florrick wouldn't be joining them on their new venture.

While Alicia was busy dealing with possible voter fraud, Mr. Sweeney gave her a late-night phone call to tell her he was thinking about moving his $22 million business to Cary's new firm. He asked her to consider making the move with him. She was with Will at the time, and since he still doesn't know about Cary's plans to leave, she had to cut the conversation short. But she was clearly pissed. Alicia confronted Cary and threatened to tell the partners he was leaving. Cary assured her he never tried to steal Sweeney.

Since things didn't seem like they were going to work out with Kalinda, Cary did approach New Kalinda about leaving Lockhart/Gardner. At the end of the episode, Kalinda told New Kalinda to go with Cary after they had a conversation about money vs. loyalty. And then she told Cary to go to hell for stringing her along.

So now let's talk about that cliffhanger: After Peter won the election, Alicia was alone in the bedroom, clearly thinking about Will. (She thought she saw him, but it was just her imagination.) Peter came to see her, but she interrupted their congratulatory moment to freshen up in the bathroom. She made a call, and asked to meet the person -- presumably Will -- at her apartment immediately. They hadn't yet had their promised heart-to-heart. At her apartment, Alicia killed time with laundry, wine, and some classical music. After three ominous knocks -- reminiscent of the season 3 finale -- Alicia opened the door to Will Cary. Wait, what?! And she said, "I'm in." And with two simple words, Alicia agreed to leave Lockhart/Gardner and go with Cary. And that's how season 4 ended pretty much changing the landscape of the series as we know it.

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