The Good Wife season finale recap: Vote of Fraudulence

Alicia, Will, and Diane handle a series of emergency court proceedings to deal with potential voter fraud in Peter's gubernatorial campaign, and a winner is finally declared in the season 4 finale  
Ep. 22 | Aired Apr 28, 2013

WILL THEY? In spite of her recent recommitment to Peter, Alicia struggles with her complicated feelings for Will.

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But the night was far from over. Back in Judge Abernathy's court, Patti brought in a new witness: Jordan! He claimed that on Feb. 18 he took a meeting with Eli Gold to discuss ways to sweeten the vote. That included a stuffed ballot box. Alicia argued that he was doubly biased since he was currently the campaign manager for the third party, and he had been fired by Peter. But it was enough to get Abernathy to agree to exclude the votes in question. Will would start the appeals process, but without those votes Peter's fate -- unlike that tampered ballot box -- was sealed. He would lose the election.

After an hour or so of sleep, Alicia got a brilliant idea: She put Zach back on the stand and he testified that he'd worked on the Florrick campaign. And as such, he knew Jordan's testimony had to be false: On Feb. 18, the date of Jordan's alleged meeting with Eli, Jordan had already replaced Eli Gold as the campaign manager, meaning he would have been in charge, not Eli. Abernathy agreed to consider the new testimony.

In the meantime, Kalinda got her hands on some security footage that proved that Jim Moody was responsible for the fraudulent votes. The box was a plant, and it had come from Peter's camp. Talk about disappointing. Kalinda showed the footage to Will, and he took it straight to Peter. And that's where things got awkward. Will told Peter it was his choice, but Peter left the responsibility in Will's hands. But not before things got heated about Alicia: "You really handled this poorly.... She's my wife!" In the end, Will took the high road and didn't rat Peter out. But I'm not really sure if this is the high road since he's covering up a major scandal for Peter. Really, he just doesn't want to hurt Alicia and we've got ourselves a mess of situational ethics.

After hearing Zach's new testimony, Abernathy agreed to let the votes be admitted. But in the end, it didn't matter. Peter won the election by more than half a million votes. Their polling was way off. But that doesn't negate the fact that Jim Moody committed election fraud. My questions: Did Eli really know? Was it his idea? Will this really stay quiet? Only time will tell. But don't worry about that now, it's time to celebrate! Even NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was on hand to congratulate Peter.

So now to discuss Jackie's throwaway story of the episode: In the midst of the election, Peter had Jim Moody check out Cristian's financial, criminal, and personal background, which is weird. I feel like he would have already done this before hiring him, but whatever. After Jackie insisted Cristian be at her side, Peter began to question his intentions. Eli then spoke with Cristian, and gave him $25,000 as a personal thank you and an invitation to leave for good. Cristian took the money and left. But in reality, he left to just cash the check, and refused to leave for good. And then, Jackie offered Peter her congratulations for winning the election, and told him to not interfere with her life. Role reversal at its finest.

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