The Good Wife recap: Presiding Prejudice

Will and Alicia make a risky move to prove one judge's bias
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 18, 2012

JUDGE JUDD Will believes guest star Judd Hirsch is biased against him and his client.

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Haters of Nick and Kalinda, skip the next two paragraphs: Nick returned and was particularly jealous of Kalinda's relationship with Cary. He stopped by to discuss the appeal on his tow truck bid, and he thought Kalinda was a little too friendly with Cary. This launched a really strange conversation in which Nick asked Cary if he was gay. Nick's jealously was fueled when Kalinda fielded a phone call from Alicia later in the episode. Kalinda made a comment about getting drinks, and Nick assumed she had been talking to Cary. Kalinda asked Nick to drop the alpha male thing, but after Kalinda left the room, he called the number back to confirm his suspicions. And, of course, Cary answered the phone because he shares an office with Alicia! Frustrating on so many levels.

Near the end of the episode, Kalinda and Will bonded over shots, and Will offered her some advice regarding jealously: either stop caring and move on, or tell the person you don't want them to see other people. The latter, of course, means you have to be ready to back it up. And clearly Kalinda can't completely cut ties with Nick, even though a lot of fans would gladly hand her the pair of scissors.

Things took a turn for the really bad when Cary ran into Bill in the parking lot. If you'll recall the season 4 opener, Bill is Nick's henchman and all-around bad dude. Bill basically beat the crap out of Cary. Cary got a few good punches in, but it didn't appear to end well for him. I'm curious to see how that altercation will play out in forthcoming episodes. But really, is Cary okay? It all happened so fast, and I don't want Cary to be hurt!

Now it's your turn: What did you think of "Here Comes the Judge?" Did you enjoy Judd Hirsch? Will Lockhart/Gardner ever reclaim the 27th floor? And just for fun, here's my nomination for the best line of the night, courtesy of Will: "I'm narcissistic enough to think women should give up sex altogether after me."

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