The Good Wife recap: Presiding Prejudice

Will and Alicia make a risky move to prove one judge's bias
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 18, 2012

JUDGE JUDD Will believes guest star Judd Hirsch is biased against him and his client.

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Based on Hellinger's parting words, it seems like the case will return, and it won't be quite the home run Will originally expected. Hellinger said Will's client might want to consider taking a 25-year plea deal because, along with Judge Creary, she believed Gwyneth was guilty. At the bar, Judge Creary had thrown out the Latin term "actus reus" which means "the guilty act." But Actus Reus is also apparently an online forum for cheating spouses. And prior to his own divorce, Creary had seen Gwyneth's profile on the website. Hellinger was sure she could use those logs to prove that Gwyneth had solicited someone else to murder her husband. So it doesn't look like Lockhart/Gardner will get that 27th floor back without a fight.

Meanwhile, we were reminded that Alicia has children with the return of Zach and Grace, who each got their own story lines. Grace was shaken when a girl at her school, coincidentally named Grace, overdosed on pills. Rumors swirled about what caused her suicidal behavior, and the center of the speculation revolved around the girl's ex-boyfriend, Connor. Grace was drawn to the bad boy, and quickly befriended him. Eventually, this led to cutting classes and kissing behind the bushes. Oh, young love.

Grace's relationship with Connor became an issue when a tracker from Mike Kresteva's campaign posted a video of Grace with Connor, who happened to be smoking. Eli had the unfortunate task of showing the video to Alicia and reminding her that the kids were going to be a part of Peter's campaign, even if she didn't want them to be. And since Kresteva was making the campaign about family values, it works in his favor that he has a son with leukemia, and Alicia has a daughter who cuts class and smokes. That clearly isn't the case with Grace, but Eli and Alicia knew the opposing campaign would use it to paint Grace, and by association Peter, in a bad light. (Sidenote: I loved Alicia comparing Connor to Keith Moon.)

Meanwhile, Zach was using his IT skills for good while working in secret for Peter's campaign. As it turned out, he was semi-responsible for the 20 percent jump in fund-raising that the campaign had seen. Zach tried to bow out quietly, but his good work didn't go unnoticed. Eli himself went to see the infamous Jay to convince him to stick around. But, of course, Jay turned out to be Zach and that was a problem since Zach wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. Eli convinced him to talk to his mom about continuing his work, and Zach appealed to Alicia who agreed to consider it. I think it's pretty adorable that Zach wants to help Peter out.

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