The Good Wife recap: Anatomy 101

Christina Ricci guest stars as a comedienne under fire after she flashes her boobs on network TV
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 11, 2012

THE BREAST CHOICE Cary and Alicia go to D.C. to make sure their client (guest star Christina Ricci) behaves while she faces an indecency lawsuit.

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Meanwhile, Laura Hellinger (Amanda Peet) returned looking to re-start her career as a lawyer in Chicago. She went to Alicia for help since she also had a late-in-life career reboot. Hellinger thought she found a job with Eddie Kowalski (played by John Lutz, yes, this John Lutz) but there wasn't really an opportunity available. Alicia pointed out that it's all about who you know, and to prove that, she put in a good word for Laura with Peter at the state's attorney's office. By episode's end, Peter had hired Laura, all while Geneva Pine looked on disapprovingly.

In the midst of the case with Therese, Clarke still-can't-decide-if-I-like-him Hayden appealed to Burl Preston in an effort to sell Lockhart/Gardner. The sale of the firm would eradicate all of the firm's money problems but it would also mean, well,  the sale of the firm. Diane and Will were strongly opposed to that proposition. A big draw for Preston was getting David Lee's family law business. So Will, Diane, and David Lee concocted a plan to ensure there wouldn't be a sale of Lockhart/Gardner. They changed David Lee's contract so he would be allowed to leave the firm should it be sold or absorbed. And since that was Preston's main interest, he pulled out of the deal. This pissed Hayden off who basically threatened Will and Diane with the impending loss of their firm. But Will and Diane aren't scared. They're Will and Diane!

I loved how the episode ended with Alicia's laugh. Sometimes boobs and penis jokes are funny! What did you think of "Anatomy of a Joke?" Did you enjoy Christina Ricci's guest spot as Therese Dodd? Were any of you surprised that Maddie appears to be responsible for the Indira Starr scandal? What do you think will happen next with Maddie? And what's going to happen with the firm? Just because Burl Preston passed on the sale doesn't mean someone else will do the same. Sound off with all your comments, and let's keep things decent, or we'll have to censor you with a car horn.

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