The Good Wife recap: Anatomy 101

Christina Ricci guest stars as a comedienne under fire after she flashes her boobs on network TV
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 11, 2012

THE BREAST CHOICE Cary and Alicia go to D.C. to make sure their client (guest star Christina Ricci) behaves while she faces an indecency lawsuit.

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While he was in D.C., Cary ran into his not-so-proud papa, Nestor Agos (John Shea). Their relationship was all kinds of awkward. But at Alicia's encouragement, Cary agreed to go to breakfast with his dad. At said breakfast Nestor told Cary he was proud of him. You could tell it was a long time coming. Then, Nestor prepared for what I assumed was going to be his "I'm Dying" speech. But this was cut short when Cary had to deal with the aftermath of Therese's appearance on Bill Maher.

Nestor's later phone call to Cary proved some people just can't change. Instead of a confession of his terminal illness, Nestor asked Cary for a favor. He had a job opportunity to be the press secretary for Senator Byers of Illinois. Byers happens to be good friends with Diane, so Nestor wanted Cary to ask Diane to put in a good word for him. Nestor later said that asking for a favor was the ultimate compliment for Cary. But for obvious reasons, Cary didn't see it that way. That relationship is probably beyond repair, but I'm okay with that because it was another week where Cary had more than two lines.

In non-litigation news, Alicia received a very strange anonymous phone call in which she was asked, "What do you think of Brazilian food?" The caller hung up leaving Alicia very confused. But that question about Brazilian cuisine was just a little foreshadowing about the next speed bump in Peter's campaign. Everyone's favorite campaign worker, Indira Starr, claimed she could identify a distinguishing mark on Peter's little Peter. I suppose a birthmark shaped like Brazil on a penis would, in fact, be pretty memorable.

Eli assumed Mike Kresteva was behind the penis rumor, which was deemed a perfect political trap. So looking to change the subject from the likely late-night fodder, Eli Gold tried to dig up some information about Maddie Hayward. Jim came up with this gem: Maddie is sleeping with her aide, and the aide happens to be a girl. So Kalinda and Jim went to investigate to see what they could turn up. Let's just say EW has some of the smartest Good Wife commenters. You guys predicted a few weeks ago that Maddie Hayward was the one responsible for the Indira Starr rumors. And Kalinda and Jim's investigation proved that to be true. Peter's newest foe in the gubernatorial race had been secretly meeting with Starr for at least a month. But we still don't know exactly how Maddie orchestrated the Starr scandal.

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