The Good Wife recap: Anatomy 101

Christina Ricci guest stars as a comedienne under fire after she flashes her boobs on network TV
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 11, 2012

THE BREAST CHOICE Cary and Alicia go to D.C. to make sure their client (guest star Christina Ricci) behaves while she faces an indecency lawsuit.

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But Preston's job was made pretty easy for him with the testimony of the makeup artists who worked on Therese before the show aired. Therese had asked the artist to apply makeup to both of her breasts. It was damning enough to prove she had intended to show off her girls. Will and Alicia knew Therese wouldn't be able to pay the $2 million, so Preston offered them this alternative: Have Therese help sway two of the three swing voters on the FCC. Therese would go to Washington, D.C., apologize for her actions, and tell the story of her own mother's battle with breast cancer. If Preston could ensure there would be no FCC fines, the network was willing to drop the suit.

So Alicia and Cary—at Diane's insistence—were instructed to babysit Therese as she went to the nation's capital to plead her case. She clearly couldn't be trusted on her own. Case in point: Therese told Commissioner Bix about her mother passing gas on her death-bed. And matters weren't helped when a representative from Parents Against Indecency showed up at the commissioner meetings arguing in favor of the FCC fines.

That said, it seemed that they still had a chance to stop the FCC fines. At least they did until Therese made an appearance on Bill Maher's show. She stayed true to herself by saying more offensive things, this time about the FCC. Ooops! Her reckless behavior got the group uninvited from their meeting with Commissioner Martinez, essentially ensuring the FCC would go ahead with their fines against the network. The Parents Against Indecency representative kept his appointment with Martinez. Cary decided that they should just crash the meeting, and pretend they never got the message that it was canceled. So Therese put on her newest perfume, "Accommodation," and went to make her final plea to the FCC.

But once again Therese proved that accommodation is not her strong suit. Martinez questioned her sense of humor. She apologized for her sometimes-offensive jokes, admitted to having a potty mouth, kissed Cary on the lips(!!!), and then marched out of Martinez's office. But not before Preston said the show now had more viewers than ever because of her stunt. When it was all said and done, the FCC decided to not fine the network, and the suit was dismissed.

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