The Good Wife recap: Justice Is (Not) Served

Alicia takes on a case for guest star Amanda Peet, and Maddie Hayward drops a bomb on Peter's campaign 
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 4, 2012

JUSTICE FOR ALL Alicia goes up against military law to help her client get the justice she deserves.

Craig Blankenhorn

But we did get more from Kalinda than we ever have regarding her relationship with Nick, which is perhaps a step in the right direction. When Alicia told Kalinda that the winning bid might be invalidated, Kalinda admitted to Alicia that she did not love Nick. But she revealed that she has great difficulty being away from him, even though he can obviously be dangerous. She just can't stay away.

Also in Kalinda news: Remember that photograph of Eli and Kalinda Nick presented last week? Well, Kalinda showed it to Eli hoping to figure out which one of them the Feds are potentially targeting. She didn't gain any new information, and I'm still wondering if that photo was legitimately found in Lana's apartment or if Nick just fabricated the story for his own personal gain. It could really go either way at this point.

In much less dramatic plot points, Jackie Florrick may have met her match with her new caretaker, Cristian. At Alicia's advice, Peter hired a male caretaker to help Jackie. She balked at the idea first, but really hit it off with Cristian by the end. It was actually pretty adorable.

We also got a hint of the budding bromance between Cary and Clarke Hayden. Cary enlightened Diane that the reason Hayden had been harder to please lately was because he was starting to care more about the firm. All together now: Awww. Cary also approached Diane about his lack of criminal cases. He assumed Will just didn't like him, but Diane assured Cary it was just an oversight. And if you were wondering why Will was practically non-existent in this episode, there's a pretty good reason for that. Josh Charles was busy behind the camera making his directorial debut. Congrats to Josh! (I feel like we're totally on a first name basis.)

What did you think of "The Art of War?" Were you surprised Maddie entered the race? Do you think she and Alicia will remain friends? Sound off with all your thoughts on the episode in the comments.

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