The Good Wife recap: Justice Is (Not) Served

Alicia takes on a case for guest star Amanda Peet, and Maddie Hayward drops a bomb on Peter's campaign 
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 4, 2012

JUSTICE FOR ALL Alicia goes up against military law to help her client get the justice she deserves.

Craig Blankenhorn

I assumed that would be the end of it. But Kuhn managed to find a loophole in Compton's subpoena. While she had no authority to get him to the U.S. for Hellinger's case, she did have the power to request his presence at her gender in the military panel. So she asked him one question: "What do you think of the mainstreaming of gender in the military?" Clearly confused, he said "it's good?" Kuhn dismissed him, and Alicia snagged her star witness.

Compton testified that he heard the argument between Waters and Hellinger. Waters wanted to have sex with her, and we she rebuffed him he was none too pleased, to put it lightly. And because Compton feared for his job, he never came forward with that information. It was just the testimony Hellinger needed to finally get justice.

But Bucky had other plans. He used the timestamps of Waters' and Compton's emails to prove that the alleged attack happened after midnight. Waters had received deployment orders for that day. And since he had been officially called for active duty, and was technically no longer working for Martinell, he fell under the protection of the military. Tragically, the Judge Abernathy had to agree with this logic—although he admitted to not personally approving—and he had to dismiss Hellinger's case. It was very disheartening, especially knowing that had the attack occurred 15 minutes earlier, Waters would have been held liable. I'm trained to assume Alicia will win all of her cases. But sometimes the law trumps justice.

Meanwhile, Nick learned his tow truck company lost the bid. Unsurprisingly, he didn't take the news too well. He was insistent that his competitor had paid someone off, and demanded that Alicia and Cary look into the situation. While his competitor didn't pay anyone off, one of the partners had been a government employee. With that information, they could ostensibly invalidate the bid. But since Alicia is in on Kalinda's secret, she knew the bigger implications of having Nick stay around Chicago. Not only would it be potentially dangerous for Kalinda, it would be extremely upsetting to Good Wife fans everywhere who are totally over the Nick/Kalinda storyline.

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