The Good Wife recap: State of the Union

Alicia takes on a case as a favor to her mother and Peter asks Alicia to renew their vows 
Ep. 21 | Aired Apr 21, 2013

NEGATIVE NANCY Mamie Gummer returns as lawyer Nancy Crozier, the thorn in Alicia's side during the case of the week

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But instead of taking the easy road, Peter never asked Alicia to take down Kresteva in her upcoming interview with Charlie Rose. Instead, he thanked her for agreeing to the interview in the first place, and presented her with a very interesting proposal: Would she come to Hawaii with him to renew their vows? Alicia agreed to consider it. (And so did I after seeing that gorgeous ring.)

Later, Peter asked Owen to give his professional opinion about the polling numbers. But really it was just a ruse to get Owen to put in a good word to Alicia on his behalf. I thought it wasn't going too well, but then Owen was telling Alicia that maybe he'd judged Peter too harshly and that she should give him another chance. Veronica on the other hand stood firm in her belief that Alicia should once and for all give Peter the heave-ho. Alicia's "This is my life!" argument with Veronica might have just pushed Alicia into Peter's arms. By episode's end, Alicia had accepted Peter's proposal to renew their vows.

Alicia did her interview with Charlie Rose (who guest starred as himself), and single-handedly erased Kresteva's lead in the polls. She criticized Kresteva's alcoholism and praised Peter for his commitment to women and families. Her kindness was not unnoticed, and I have to say that Peter and Alicia are at a high point in their relationship. It's something we haven't seen in quite some time.

But if Veronica's conversation with Will and next week's previews are any indication, I imagine Alicia's uncomplicated happiness with Peter might be short-lived. Veronica put it all out there for Will: "Do you love my daughter?... If you do, it's time to stop being polite about it. You have a window, but it's closing..." This was easily the highlight of the episode, because I find myself on Team Will more often than not. And as much as it's not Veronica's place to interfere with Alicia's love life, I thoroughly enjoyed her bluntness. I'm definitely curious to see what Will will do with Veronica's advice in the finale.

Important question time: How creepy was it when David Lee asked Alicia to tell Veronica he said hi?! Also, I think it's worth noting the amazing birthday presents Veronica brought to Zach. Who doesn't need a stuffed rooster and stuffed donkey for psychological role-playing? What do you think will happen with Will/Alicia/Peter in the final episode? And Will Kalinda take her services to Cary's new firm? Sound off with all your thoughts in the comments.

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