The Good Wife recap: State of the Union

Alicia takes on a case as a favor to her mother and Peter asks Alicia to renew their vows 
Ep. 21 | Aired Apr 21, 2013

NEGATIVE NANCY Mamie Gummer returns as lawyer Nancy Crozier, the thorn in Alicia's side during the case of the week

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An unexpected result of the Blowtorch case was stirring up trouble with some of the Lockhart/Gardner assistants. After hearing what benefits they were missing out on, Lorna (Mandy Siegfried) and Margie (Da'vine Roy Randolph) decided to negotiate their benefits and salary at the firm. This is where this episode lost me, because I really don't care about the assistants being overworked and underpaid. Sorry, assistants! The partners agreed to at least hear out their proposal, but Diane and Will knew they couldn't afford the precedent of giving in to all their demands.

But those crafty assistants threatened to unionize using all the helpful tips they'd learned from Alicia's case. When it was all said and done, they just promoted Margie and Lorna to staff coordinators, and effectively silenced the ringleaders. It was another decision from the top I think Alicia questioned. But again, in the grand scheme of things, I don't care about the long-term assistants whose names we weren't even privy to until this episode.

Meanwhile, Cary asked Kalinda to join him and the other fourth years at their new firm. She took the opportunity to use his offer as leverage to renegotiate her salary. (Kalinda learned that New Kalinda had health insurance and she didn't, which certainly didn't help her loyalty to Lockhart/Gardner.) Anyway, Kalinda took her demands to Will with one of my favorite exchanges of the episode:

Kalinda: "I'm being pursued."
Will: "My god, that's awful. Did you talk to the police?"

Nicely played, Will. Since Kalinda already received a 5 percent raise, he wasn't at all interested in giving her more money -- even if a new firm was pursuing her. But he finally agreed to consider it if she, in turn, would consider being exclusive to Lockhart/Gardner. No decision was made, but she's definitely keeping her options open. Do you think Kalinda will go with Cary? Discuss.

On the campaign front, Peter met with a pollster, Matt (Jeremy Strong), who delivered some unfortunate news: Peter was not ahead of Kresteva by five points like he initially thought. In actuality, Peter was down by two points. Matt's recommendation was that Peter go negative against Kresteva, but what Matt really wanted was for Alicia to do Peter's dirty work. If she spoke out against Kresteva, it would likely just hurt Kresteva and not come back around to Peter.

NEXT: Alicia talks to Charlie Rose and Veronica talks to Will....

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