The Good Wife recap: State of the Union

Alicia takes on a case as a favor to her mother and Peter asks Alicia to renew their vows 
Ep. 21 | Aired Apr 21, 2013

NEGATIVE NANCY Mamie Gummer returns as lawyer Nancy Crozier, the thorn in Alicia's side during the case of the week

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While Alicia and Cary were attempting to negotiate with Nancy, she shocked them with 20 termination letters for employees at Blowtorch. And since the firings were a direct result of the firm's involvement in the case, Alicia felt like she had to see it through. So off to court they went.

Alicia and Cary tried to beat the system by convincing the judge (John Michael Higgins) at the National Labor Relations Board that the employees were in the process forming a union. That wasn't entirely true, but obviously you do what you have to do. But Nancy Crozier and Blowtorch had turned Charlene into testifying against the unionizing plan. Fortunately, Charlene had submitted a complaint against Blowtorch, but she withdrew it after the company quieted her with a hefty settlement. The judge agreed that the workers should be reinstated, but sided with Nancy Crozier and only gave the workers 24 hours to complete their union vote.

So the next task at hand was getting the number of votes they needed to go forward with the union. A tie would go to Blowtorch. But Nancy pulled out all the stops, ensuring that the swing voters at Blowtorch were fired for calling in sick and chatting about it on company-issued computers. Ooops! Alicia made one last-ditch effort to get Charlene to change her vote, but she refused. So Alicia pulled out the big guns and found a loophole that would disqualify Charlene from voting at all.

Alicia's side won the vote 29 to 28 in favor of unionizing, but then Nancy Crozier dropped another bomb: Blowtorch had been sold to Chum Hum, and because of all the legal drama, they'd acquired Blowtorch for a very cheap price. Alicia accused Will and Diane of encouraging the union talk to drive the price of the company down for Chum Hum, but they claimed to have no involvement. Still, Alicia seemed bothered by the possibility that they might have played a role in the sale of Blowtorch.

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