The Good Wife recap: He Didn't Do It This Time!

Lockhart/Gardner tries to keep Colin Sweeney from receiving a life sentence, and Diane rekindles her relationship with Kurt McVeigh
Ep. 19 | Aired Mar 31, 2013

THE NOTORIOUS P.I.G. Alicia and Will fight to keep Colin Sweeney, the alleged wife-killer, out of jail for life.

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The next piece of information that Kalinda dug up on Diane was much more serious: A friend of Diane's father had been accused of being a communist many years ago. And as a result of the accusations, he lost his job, and ultimately committed suicide. Kalinda uncovered that Diane's father was actually the one who turned him in. I'm not sure that this would actually impede her chances at nabbing the Supreme Court spot, but Diane's worldview was pretty much shattered by the revelation. And she ran straight into McVeigh's arms to deal with it. Perhaps overwhelmed with everything in her life, Diane impulsively suggested that she and McVeigh get married. She took it back, but the proposal of sorts was already out there.

To put even more strain on the relationship, Kalinda's digging turned up a video of McVeigh lobbying for gun rights. "Would it be too ironic to ask you to shoot me?" Diane deadpanned. We already know he's a Republican, while Diane is a hardcore Democrat. (It was so cute when she consoled him on Romney's loss.) Their ideological differences would definitely come into play should Diane be considered as a justice. Kalinda had no choice but to recommend that they cool it. And it seemed like that's what they were going to do. McVeigh came to Lockhart/Gardner to tell Diane they should wait and think about marriage. Diane appeared to accept that, but she didn't let him out of her office without speaking her mind: "I don't want to wait. I don't." So is this going to be what keeps Diane from making her way to the Supreme Court? I certainly hope not, because they are the best couple.

In other important relationship developments, Hellinger point-blank asked Alicia if she had a current relationship with Will. Alicia reiterated that they were once involved, but no longer were. And then, she told Hellinger that she was happy for the new couple. But by the end of the episode, Alicia was having sexy dreams about her and Will together. But at some point in the dream, Alicia turned into Hellinger. I'm no dream expert, but I don't think it takes one to analyze this: Alicia is not as okay with Will and Hellinger as she says she is.

At the end of the episode, Alicia called Will to talk about work, but she heard Hellinger laugh in the background, so she quickly ended the conversation. And then, in a strange turn of events, Hellinger told Will that a guy she dated in the military had come back into her life. And with that, it seems like their relationship, which barely had time to take off, is getting grounded. But I can't say I'm too disappointed because I'm still partial to Will and Alicia.

So now it's your turn: Hellinger totally lied about the other man, right? She doesn't seem to be okay with whatever past he had with Alicia. Speaking of, Alicia is clearly not okay that Will's moving on even though that's what she says she wants. What did you think of Colin Sweeney's return? Do you think Diane and Kurt McVeigh are meant to be together? Sound off in the comments with all your musings.

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