The Good Wife recap: He Didn't Do It This Time!

Lockhart/Gardner tries to keep Colin Sweeney from receiving a life sentence, and Diane rekindles her relationship with Kurt McVeigh
Ep. 19 | Aired Mar 31, 2013

THE NOTORIOUS P.I.G. Alicia and Will fight to keep Colin Sweeney, the alleged wife-killer, out of jail for life.

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Back in the courtroom, the prosecution's ballistics expert claimed that the gun was fired from the Rose room. This was obviously a problem because Isobel had just testified that she and Sweeney were in that room doing the deed. So it was up to McVeigh to quickly rebut that claim. He and Diane took a trip to the scene of the party, and from there, he determined that the gun was actually fired from the Camellia room, not the Rose room. Success!

Unfortunately, that success was only temporarily enjoyed: Isobel got back on the stand to change her testimony. She said that she'd just remembered incorrectly, and that she and Sweeney were actually in the Camellia room all along. It was a pretty big hit for the defense, so Alicia had to go back to square one with Isobel and determine why she lied. And if you didn't already think Isobel and Sweeney have a nutso relationship, this should do the trick: Sweeney wanted a pre-nup, and she didn't. So as leverage, she lied on the stand knowing full well that her edited testimony could send Sweeney away for life.

In the end, Isobel's flip-flopping testimony didn't really matter because McVeigh found additional evidence that the bullet ricocheted off a lamp, proving conclusively that Sweeney wasn't in the right place to have fired the gun. As much as McVeigh hated to admit it, Sweeney was innocent. Judge Politi agreed that there wasn't enough evidence for a gun charge, but he sentenced Sweeney to 30 days in jail, along with a $1,500 fine. And thankfully for Sweeney, they managed to get all this in before the Supreme Court ruling.

When it was all said and done, Sweeney agreed to Isobel's demands that there not be a pre-nup. Alicia warned him against it, saying Isobel would cheat him. And he replied in true Sweeney fashion: "I know. It's okay. I'll just kill her." (This is so terrible, but I still laughed so hard at this line!) So off to jail Sweeney went, but not before Isobel tried to hand off her panties as a parting gift. What a creepy couple.

Now let's get to all the non-Colin Sweeney developments: Last week, Peter told Diane he wanted her to fill the Supreme Court spot should he win the governorship. So to prepare herself for what may come, she asked Kalinda to do a background check on her to bring up any potential vulnerabilities. I figured something would come up, but I was truly shocked that that something was The Vampire Diaries fan fiction! It was so funny to watch Diane's reaction as Kalinda read off the supposed work. As it turns out, the salacious writing was courtesy of Diane's housekeeper. But there's a small part of me that really wants to believe that Diane Lockhart is secretly obsessed with The CW show.

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