The Good Wife recap: He Didn't Do It This Time!

Lockhart/Gardner tries to keep Colin Sweeney from receiving a life sentence, and Diane rekindles her relationship with Kurt McVeigh
Ep. 19 | Aired Mar 31, 2013

THE NOTORIOUS P.I.G. Alicia and Will fight to keep Colin Sweeney, the alleged wife-killer, out of jail for life.

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When the firm told Sweeney about the Supreme Court ruling, he requested that a named partner help with the case. Diane nominated Will, so he had the awkward task of coming clean about his budding relationship with Hellinger. Diane was fine with it, but they had to get Sweeney to sign off as well, so the firm would be protected from malpractice. True to character, Sweeney was not at all bothered about the potential sexual relationship between Will and Hellinger. He signed off contingent upon Will keeping him informed of all the details. Gross.

Since they were working at an accelerated pace, Diane had to use her connections to get Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole) on the case. When you're in a time crunch, it certainly helps if your former lover is the best ballistics expert there is! McVeigh was obviously hesitant to work on Sweeney's side, but Diane convinced him to help out.

Back in court, Isobel Swift, Sweeney's live-in girlfriend (Homeland's Morena Baccarin), testified that Sweeney could have not possibly shot the gun because they were otherwise preoccupied having, ahem, sex in the Rose salon. (Her blunt "anal" admission was quite a shock in the courtroom.) Earlier in the episode, Isobel asked Alicia about Sweeney's past. She said that he'd asked her to marry him, but she expressed concern that he might murder her too. Isobel trusted Alicia's opinion because she said Sweeney's relationship with Alicia was perhaps the most successful he'd ever have, which is a truly frightening thought. The conversation was pretty bizarre, but Alicia ended it by saying that the supposed reason for killing his first wife was about her money. And since Isobel has no money, he had no reason to kill her. (Let's hope...)

Cary and New Kalinda called Greg in for a second interview in an effort to get more information about the Supreme Court ruling. And when that didn't work, New Kalinda used her own womanly wiles on Greg. The two went out drinking, and New Kalinda shared a tall tale of going to juvie for involuntary manslaughter. Greg told her that he expected the ruling to take place in 40 hours. An intoxicated New Kalinda went back to Cary to deliver the bad news.

Greg saw through New Kalinda's attempts to get information about the decision, so he stopped by Lockhart/Gardner to give her more accurate information: The opinion would be coming out at 5 p.m. that day, which meant the firm had less time than they thought. Greg asked New Kalinda out. But taking a page from Kalinda's book, New Kalinda shot him down. Thanks for playing, Greg!

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