The Good Wife recap: Punch Drunk

Alicia waives attorney/client privilege after her client is murdered; Peter punches Mike Kresteva
Ep. 18 | Aired Mar 24, 2013

BELLE OF THE BALL Alicia gets pulled away from a fancy dinner to deal with a client's murder.

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Back at the police station, Alicia shared information about Officer Nozowitz. Alicia had heard Nozowitz threaten to kill Ashbaugh if he ever brought up Eddie Lomax again. Alicia called Will to update him on the case, and he immediately left the dinner to be with her. It was a situation that was particularly awkward since Hellinger had just asked Alicia for relationship advice regarding Will. In the end, Alicia took the high road, and suggested that Hellinger just ask Will out.

This was also further complicated by Alicia's flashbacks to her time working with Ashbaugh. Apparently, the bulk of her work with him overlapped with her dalliances with Will. Let's just say I could use many more steamy scenes like the ones between Will and Alicia. (Sidenote: Josh Charles tweeted this right after that scene.) Despite her non-G-rated flashbacks, Alicia decided to end things with Will for good. And I believe her this time, partly perhaps because of the conversation she had with Hellinger. Alicia told Will that they were keeping each other from moving on. She said she'd been selfish, that she was back with Peter, and that they had to end.

Will: "Can you just decide that?"
Alicia: "I can. I have to."

Well, at least we got some sexy scenes before they decided to end things.

Worried that her family might still be in danger, Alicia called Kalinda for backup. (Sorry to the female massage therapist whose time with Kalinda was interrupted by the call.) Kalinda made her way to the Shamrock Dinner to get information out of Cary from his time at the State's Attorney's office. He remained tight-lipped, but once Kalinda told him Alicia might be in danger he offered up some information on Nozowitz. The State's Attorney's office had investigated him for corruption and taking drug money. As she left, Cary told her to be careful, and then grabbed her hand for a thoughtful moment. (Can I officially start shipping these two? Okay, thanks.)

Kalinda went to see Detective Young and get a look at the murderer's car. She saw the 2006 Zephyr and realized something important: The 2006 Zephyr doesn't have a GPS. Therefore, Ashbaugh's killer could have never entered Alicia's address. They just used that to get her to break attorney/client privilege. Hellinger said she didn't know that's what they were doing. An angry Alicia immediately left the police station, and on her way out had some choice words for Detective Young. (Thankfully, the Irish tune being sung in the police station served as a natural censor for her foul language. It was awesome.)

NEXT: Peter dishes out a little payback to Kresteva...

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