The Good Wife recap: Punch Drunk

Alicia waives attorney/client privilege after her client is murdered; Peter punches Mike Kresteva
Ep. 18 | Aired Mar 24, 2013

BELLE OF THE BALL Alicia gets pulled away from a fancy dinner to deal with a client's murder.

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Since Ashbaugh met his untimely demise at the beginning of the episode, his relationship with Alicia and the firm was told through a series of flashbacks. We learned that Matthew Ashbaugh (played by guest star John Noble!) was very difficult to work with. He even came with his own Bach soundtrack. Seriously. He traveled with a portable speaker that played Bach on loop -- much to Alicia's annoyance. Detective Young questioned Alicia about Ashbaugh's altercations. And as it turns out, Ashbaugh had a lot. See: enemies attacking him and having words with him. Then, we saw a telling conversation in which Ashbaugh said, "You laugh now, Mrs. Florrick.... But one day you'll be identifying my body in a morgue, then you'll know.... That everything I've said is true."

Next up, Young asked Alicia about Ashbaugh's ongoing case against the Chicago police department for harassment, and that gave her pause: Alicia didn't want to break attorney/client privilege. Laura Hellinger was also on hand to help the police and coax Alicia into sharing all the information she had. Hellinger started by asking about Ashbaugh's connection with Eddie Lomax, a potential lead on the case. But Alicia stood firm protecting attorney/client privilege, even though her client was now deceased. All that changed when Detective Young notified Alicia that they'd found the killer's car. The police ran the address most recently entered into the GPS, and it was the address to Alicia's apartment.

Alicia went into mom protection mode, and immediately called her apartment. Grace answered the phone, and Alicia learned that her mother (returning guest star Stockard Channing) was with the kids. Alicia asked Veronica to leave immediately and take the kids to her hotel. And then Alicia left Zach with this parting advice: "Grandma's not that responsible.... If she asks you to do something that doesn't make sense, you can disobey her. I want you to disobey her."

Both Zach and Veronica's cars were blocked, courtesy of the St. Patrick's Day parade traffic. So Veronica took Zach and Grace to a nearby bar, full of drunken shenanigans. While there, Veronica made both children rather uncomfortable discussing sex and kissing, and then she dropped this bomb: Alicia was already pregnant with Zach when she married Peter, and Grace was probably an accident. Thanks, grandma!

NEXT: A flashback to Will and Alicia's heated affair...

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