The Good Wife recap: A Trip to the Morgue

Alicia and Will take on an inquest at the morgue, Cary's father returns, and Eli schemes against Jordan one last time
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 17, 2013

FAMILY FEUD John Shea returns as Cary's hard-to-deal with father

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I can't predict Maddie's future on the show, but a character we won't be seeing any more of? Jordan Karahalios. Eli Gold schemed just enough to keep himself out of trouble and to get Jordan the boot. Finally! After Peter won the primary, Eli brought up the issue of Jordan, recommending that they get rid of him. But nothing came of that discussion. Early in the episode, we were reminded of Zach's relationship with his girlfriend, Nisa (Rachel Hilson). When Nisa tweeted a picture of Zach with her family, Jordan was quick to interfere noticing that Nisa's father donated to a Hamas charity organizations that had terrorist affiliations. Jordan called in Zach to discuss the potential harm it might have on the campaign, and Eli sat back and let him dig his own grave.

Zach ended things with Nisa, and when Alicia found out Jordan had interfered, she was furious. He'd way overstepped his bounds. Because she's whip smart, Alicia also called Eli out, even though he wasn't technically involved. "I don't know what the game is here, but if you're using me, stop."

But the damage had already been done. Peter fired Jordan for getting involved in family business. Jordan had some harsh words for Eli before departing: "You’re going to die a sad and lonely old man because you don’t trust anyone." But I don't think it affected Eli too much. He's dealt with worse. And apparently, Zach wasn't all that upset about the demise of his relationship. He later told Alicia he was going to break up with Nisa anyway since college was right around the corner.

But really, the most important thing about this episode was that it served as a lead in to next week's all-new episode. We saw every one getting ready for the Chicago Shamrock Dinner -- a fancy political event in which all of our favorite characters will attend. That includes Diane and Will who were invited to purchase a table for the first time. Will did check with Alicia first, wanting to make sure Peter wouldn't have a problem if he was there. But it looks like Peter's going to be too busy dealing with Mike Kresteva to care about Will. They set up the return of Alicia's mother (Stockard Channing). And if the previews are any indication, it looks like it's going to be bananas -- in a good way. I'm I the only one unnaturally excited for this fictional event? I hope not.

What did you think of "Invitation to an Inquest"? My favorite line of the night has to go to Alicia while she was probing Grace for information about Zach's breakup: "Okay, Grace, talk to me as if I weren't omniscient." Teenagers. What did you think about the work dynamic between Kalinda and New Kalinda? And do you really think Will and Alicia can avoid each other? Sound off in the comments.

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