The Good Wife recap: A Trip to the Morgue

Alicia and Will take on an inquest at the morgue, Cary's father returns, and Eli schemes against Jordan one last time
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 17, 2013

FAMILY FEUD John Shea returns as Cary's hard-to-deal with father

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There was a competing initiative, hence Mr. Agos' need for a new one. The competing initiative could potentially cut into Emmonds' profits. Cary and his dad have an obviously strained relationship, but Cary wasn't in a position to turn down the work—even if that meant listening to his dad's underhanded comments while working together. See: "It's fantastic how quickly [Alicia] made partner. And if that doesn't light a fire under you, I don't know what will."

So Cary took the reigns on the statute, but the tension was a little too much for both Agos men to handle. They clearly didn't see eye to eye on the initiative. Cary's dad requested that a partner sit in to help supervise. Diane spoke with Cary about working with relatives, and took Jeffrey's side on the matter because she had to keep the client happy. She told Cary she'd have to sit in on their next meeting.

But that point quickly became moot. Jeffrey Agos came in with the news that Emmonds had decided to go with another law firm. Apparently, management expressed concerns about Lockhart/Gardner's history of pursuing big pharmaceutical companies with class action suits. Diane tried to assure Jeffrey that their past work wouldn't impede their commitment to Emmonds. But Jeffrey said nothing could be done.

Even with that definitive conclusion, Jeffrey returned to Lockhart/Gardner in an attempt to salvage the deal. (He wanted  more partners involved on the case.) But he underestimated his son: Cary swooped in with the CEO of Emmonds himself, who said that in spite of some nervousness from one of the company's VPs, that he definitely wanted to continue business with Lockhart/Gardner. The elder Agos was pretty surprised at Cary's initiative. Cary managed to save the deal, but it's unlikely that his relationship with his father will be on the up and up any time soon.

Meanwhile on the campaign front, Peter won the Democratic primary, beating out Maddie Hayward. Considering the ongoing drama with Maddie, this announcement seemed a little anti-climactic -- Maddie Hayward (Maura Tierney) didn't even appear in the episode. And I know Peter's got bigger political fish to fry (see: Republican opponent Mike Kresteva). But it still seemed as though they just skipped on over a pretty important political plot line. I'm hoping things with Maddie will come to a more rewarding conclusion in next week's episode.

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