The Good Wife recap: A Trip to the Morgue

Alicia and Will take on an inquest at the morgue, Cary's father returns, and Eli schemes against Jordan one last time
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 17, 2013

FAMILY FEUD John Shea returns as Cary's hard-to-deal with father

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Back at the morgue, Alicia prepped Janie on the motel clerk's testimony, and asked her if she knew who the mistress might be. Janie claimed to know nothing about the mysterious blonde. But this backfired, because the ASA of Lake County joined the trial and put Janie on the stand to question her alibi the night of the accident. Her original testimony had her home at the time of her husband's death. But the ASA had an affidavit from a neighbor who heard Janie leave the night in question and said she didn't return until almost midnight. Instead of coming clean, Janie invoked her Fifth amendment right to not answer. Things weren't looking too good.

Come to find out, Janie suspected the affair all along, and she lied to the police about her whereabouts during the time of her husband's death. Roger had mentioned the dinner with Bigelow -- who had apparently covered up some of Roger's past transgressions. Janie drove to the restaurant, but when she saw he wasn't there she drove to some other places, and eventually just drove around angry. When she returned home, she got the call about the accident. She said she was embarrassed, so she didn't tell the police the truth. But now, instead of losing the insurance money, she was at risk for being arrested since her true alibi was so flimsy.

To get the heat off of Janie, Kalinda and New Kalinda went to question Jared Bigelow about the mystery mistress. Jared said there was a colleague from a year ago, but that Roger had ended it. Plus, she wasn't a blonde. Enter Jared's wife, Bethany, a blonde who happens to drive an SUV with a specialty license plate. Kalinda got Bethany to admit that she was sleeping with Roger, but that she broke it off the night of his death. Bethany saw an SUV speeding after Roger's car, but didn't report it because Janie's a friend of hers. (You know, the kind of friend who sleeps with said friend's husband.) Morality issues aside, Bethany's story checked out.

A drunk driver, Landon Boyce, was arrested 20 minutes after Roger's car accident. The Lake County police didn't know about it because it happened two miles into Cook County. They acquired the event data recorder, or EDR, from Landon's SUV to determine that at 11:42, the exact moment of Roger's crash, Landon's SUV swerved and braked hard before coming to a full stop. (How awesome was it when Will flipped the copy of the EDR report into Hobson's hands?) The coroner agreed, that of all the theories, this was the most plausible. And that was all Janie needed to get the full $2 million insurance amount. Hobson couldn't risk it going to the jury because if it wasn't ruled an accident, they would have to pay double. Hooray for a win in morgue court!

Back at Lockhart/Gardner, Cary got some unexpected congratulations from Diane and Will. He landed Emmonds Pharmaceuticals, a huge account that the firm wasn't even going after. Cary tried to play it off as a team move -- clearly confused by the accolades -- but Will informed him that the chief counsel for Emmonds said it was all because of Cary. And since Cary single-handedly brought in $5 million in litigation costs, it was a great move for his equity partner track. A confused Cary left to greet the Emmonds spokesman for a quick hello, and was surprised to find his father waiting for him. The elder Mr. Agos (John Shea) set up the deal, unbeknownst to Cary. Jeffrey apologized to Cary for their last awkward encounter, and then got straight to the point: He's now lobbying for Emmonds and wanted Cary and Lockhart/Gardner to help draft a medical marijuana statute to take to the general assembly.

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