The Good Wife recap: A Trip to the Morgue

Alicia and Will take on an inquest at the morgue, Cary's father returns, and Eli schemes against Jordan one last time
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 17, 2013

FAMILY FEUD John Shea returns as Cary's hard-to-deal with father

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Hobson called in Christie Yeargin, the investigator on the bribery case. And guess what? She was investigating Ludwig partly because of his participation in a weekly basketball game. (Will just can't escape his past!) She admitted that Ludwig wasn't happy about the investigation, and he had some financial troubles that led them to continue the investigation. But there was no way she could comment on his mental state or possible suicide. Will pointed out that judges are frequently investigated in an effort to target political corruption, but that they rarely lead to charges. Even so, New Kalinda looked into the claims and found that Roger did, in fact, have money problems that he hid from Janie. New Kalinda also noted that the bribery investigation was based on a lawyer accused of bribing judges. (She obviously didn't go into much detail on that or she would have known that the lawyer in question was standing right in front of her. Awkward!)

New Kalinda also learned that prior to his death, Roger supposedly had dinner with a lobbyist friend, Jared Bigelow. They got ahold of his I-PASS data to track his trip after the dinner. Oddly enough, the details indicated that he exited the toll way at 10:37 and the accident happened at 11:42. That would mean it took him an hour to drive just four miles. So Kalinda and New Kalinda followed the lead that he stopped somewhere after getting off the toll road.

Sure enough, Ludwig had stopped off at a motel the night of his death. Kalinda and New Kalinda got the motel clerk to admit that Roger checked in alone, but left with a blonde woman. They were arguing. The clerk helped identify the mysterious woman's black SUV and said it had a specialty license plate with a bird on it.

Next up, Kalinda and New Kalinda questioned a trucker who was at the nearby gas station at the time of the accident. At first, he gave New Kalinda the runaround, remaining tight-lipped. But then Kalinda pulled him off to the side and whispered in his ear—presumably something threatening. He returned, this time willing to offer up all the information he had, and that included an apology for New Kalinda. (I loved her face when he apologized! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll ever know exactly what Kalinda said. Thoughts?) Anyway, the trucker said he didn't see the actual crash, but he saw a sedan and a black SUV following. And just like that, Ludwig's accident looked as though it might be the result of a mistress scorned.

Alicia and Will stayed late at the office to look for a precedent to present the motel clerk as a witness. The scene in the office was all kinds of awkward because Will finally addressed the big elephant in the room. He admitted that it felt like they'd been avoiding each other, which they totally have been. He asked if they could be friends again, and Alicia agreed. So let's see how that will work out for the former lovers. My guess is it won't go over too well. Alicia couldn't even share an elevator with him as they left the office as the same time. Props to her for exercising some self-control, but if you can't even share an elevator with a person, how are you supposed to successfully not avoid each other? Only time will tell, I suppose.

NEXT: Janie Ludwig puts a dent in the case after she pleads the Fifth...

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