The Good Wife recap: The Art of Intimidation

Lemond Bishop's case takes center stage with guest stars Wallace Shawn and Audra McDonald
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 10, 2013

FORMER FOE Audra McDonald guest stars as Liz Lawrence, Alicia's law school nemesis, as the two face off in court on the Lemond Bishop case.

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Anyway, Kalinda noticed the several ex-cops in the waiting room of Lockhart/Gardner, and barged in on Will asking if she was being replaced. He explained that they were just looking to add another person, but Kalinda was none too thrilled about the idea of an additional investigator getting in her way. Will tried to assure her that the decision was in everyone's best interest, but Kalinda wasn't having it: "Somehow when people say more prestige, they usually mean less power."

You can imagine Kalinda's unhappiness when Robyn Burdine snagged the job. After several dud applicants, Robyn entered the picture. She was wonderfully awkward, and I'm already a fan, even if Kalinda's not. Because she was the "different choice" both Will and Alicia fought for her. Will said it was because people wouldn't see her coming, while Alicia argued for Robyn because she thought she wouldn't challenge Kalinda. And that was enough to convince the hiring subcommittee.

So welcome, Robyn, to your new job at Lockhart/Gardner! Now you have the difficult task of making Kalinda not hate you! Will asked Kalinda to train Robyn, and Kalinda obliged, though you could tell she wasn't at all happy about it. It's important to note that when Kalinda spoke to Cary about what she'd learned about Seth Deluca, Robyn was waiting patiently at her side. Kalinda made a little spin move to get Robyn out of the room -- and out of the conversation -- and it was totally worth it because Cary made a Batman sidekick joke. (Her name is Robyn! How could he not?!)

Over the last few episodes, commenters have noticed the closeness between Cary and Kalinda. That came to a head at the end of the episode, when Cary met Kalinda at a bar. He thanked her for having his back in the Seth Deluca situation and then bravely went in for the kiss. But she shut him down. She claimed it was because they work together and that she won't give him what he needs. But it sort of seems like Cary doesn't care. He just wants Kalinda. Alas, it looks like Cary (and all the Kalinda/Cary shippers) will have to wait.

I mentioned earlier that Will and Diane were having trouble seeing eye to eye on how to move forward post-bankruptcy. Diane wanted to play it safe, while Will was ready to start making moves. Together, the two decided to write a mission statement for the firm, hoping it would help steer them in the right direction. But they're just still in an awkward place following all the financial drama. This led to easily one of my favorite Will moments ever: him singing the theme song to Growing Pains because, you know, the firm's going through growing pains. (Props to Josh Charles for executing this. And am I the only one now ready for a Growing Pains marathon? Probably.) By the end of the episode, Diane and Will finally compromised and celebrated beating bankruptcy with a toast. It's good to have Mom and Dad back together.

What did you think of the episode? How great but also frustrating was Audra McDonald's Liz Lawrence? Charles Lester was obviously involved in all those recanted statements, but what do you think he actually did to get people to stay quiet? Do you want to see Cary and Kalinda get together? What are your thoughts on Robyn, the new investigator? Sound off with all your thoughts in the comments.

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