The Good Wife recap: The Art of Intimidation

Lemond Bishop's case takes center stage with guest stars Wallace Shawn and Audra McDonald
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 10, 2013

FORMER FOE Audra McDonald guest stars as Liz Lawrence, Alicia's law school nemesis, as the two face off in court on the Lemond Bishop case.

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As it turns out, Lemond Bishop wasn't alone that night at the farm. The security cameras were off that night because Bishop wanted to make it look like he was alone. Apparently he met with associates from "another organization," which is a euphemism for associates from his illegitimate work. Even if those associates would corroborate his alibi, Bishop acknowledged that he couldn't admit on the stand he was meeting with them in the first place. And that put him in a pretty tough position, since that "associate's" testimony was the only thing to refute his sister's. They decided to roll the dice on the trial, and Lester ominously told Bishop, "I think you know what you have to do."

The next time we saw Mr. Lester, he was at Judy's front door -- the viewer's proof that he was definitely up to something shady and probably intimidating witnesses (although we were never told how or to what extent). Alicia showed up in court with a plan to get Judy's testimony kicked out. But it didn't matter. Mr. Lester's secret meeting with Judy proved to be effective. She'd withdrawn her testimony. And so given the lack of evidence and witnesses, Judge Friend had no choice but to release Lemond Bishop.

Meanwhile, the lasting effects of Lockhart/Gardner's bankruptcy were still being felt. During a partner's meeting, Diane and Will argued about the benefits of re-acquiring the 27th and 29th floors, which they dramatically lost in the midst of all their financial woes. Or as David Lee put it: "It's time we look like a real law firm again, and not some Burmese tent city." Diane was rather cautious about the new proposal, and any other expansion for that matter, and felt they should remain conservative so they wouldn't end up in a similar financial crisis. (Those of us who were entirely exhausted over the bankruptcy storyline tend to agree.) But Will, the more fearless of the two, was fully ready to expand and get back to the way things were.

Other than setting up the obvious tension between Will and Diane on financial matters -- this continued throughout the episode -- the most important development of this meeting was the partners deciding they should hire another investigator. Alicia was the only one who didn't want that to happen, but she was out-voted. Diane was concerned that Kalinda was over-extended with all the new business. (And it's now I'd like to remind everyone how unsuccessful hiring Blake was a few years ago -- his car window would agree.) But I'm choosing to trust the writers on this one: Here's to hoping a new investigator will be more lucrative the second time around! But at least Alicia asked to be on the hiring subcommittee to look out for Kalinda.

While they were interviewing potential investigators, Will and Diane sent Kalinda out to look into one of their long-standing clients, the restaurateur Seth Deluca. Apparently, Mr. Deluca paid his bill in full and on time, which left Will and Diane concerned that he was about to jump ship. Kalinda learned that Deluca was considering leaving to follow...wait for it...Cary!

When Alicia and Cary both had their partnership offers reversed, they talked about going out on their own. But when Alicia was re-offered the position, I dropped the idea that they might leave Lockhart/Gardner. Cary, apparently, did not. Instead of telling Diane and Will what she really learned, Kalinda kept her lips sealed to protect Cary. And later in the episode she warned him that he'd almost been found out. Cary said he was just considering leaving, but Kalinda told him to stop. If Will and Diane ever learned the truth, he'd definitely get fired.

NEXT: Cary and Kalinda share a moment, and Will sings!

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