The Good Wife recap: The Art of Intimidation

Lemond Bishop's case takes center stage with guest stars Wallace Shawn and Audra McDonald
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 10, 2013

FORMER FOE Audra McDonald guest stars as Liz Lawrence, Alicia's law school nemesis, as the two face off in court on the Lemond Bishop case.

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Before Alicia could question the next witness, she was called in to court to meet with Judge Friend. There, Alicia met a visibly shaken Liz Lawrence who claimed that a black SUV followed her and questioned her son at his preschool. She accused Lemond Bishop of being behind the intimidation, although she didn't have any proof. Alicia said she didn't have any knowledge that her client was using intimidation to scare anyone, but obviously the news was stressful because she had her suspicions about Mr. Lester. Still, she stuck to her guns, saying she had no knowledge that Bishop was involved in anything like that. Before she dismissed them, Judge Friend warned Alicia that withholding knowledge would leave her subject to arrest.

After that run in with Judge Friend and Liz, Alicia again questioned Lester's motives. She flat-out asked him if he had someone threaten Liz. But again, Lester claimed to have no involvement. Alicia had to take him at his word and focus on the next witness, Dexter Roja. Dexter didn't want to testify against Bishop, but Liz and her team told him they found his DNA under Christina's fingernails. (Dexter was sleeping with Christina, but said he didn't kill her.) Liz promised Dexter she wouldn't prosecute him if he testified against Lemond.

Kalinda and the new investigator (more on Robyn later) noticed something in the autopsy report that they had confirmed by the medical examiner: Skin cells were never collected from under Christina's fingernails because there were no fingernails. She was a nail biter. That meant that AUSA Liz had threatened Dexter Roja with false information to get him to testify against Bishop. It worked out pretty perfectly since Liz had just accused Alicia & Co. of intimidating her. Now they had definite proof that she'd used intimidation to coerce Dexter into testifying. Judge Friend was forced to dismiss since there was no viable testimony.

But you should know by now, nothing is ever that simple in The Good Wife world. Liz amended the witness list to include Judy Bishop, Lemond's sister. Judy's earlier testimony confirmed Bishop's alibi. But she decided to recant her statement, saying that the night Christina Diaz was killed, Bishop left the house and didn't return until midnight. She claimed he came back agitated and said he immediately took a shower. Bishop knew his sister might have her own ulterior motives. If he went to prison for good, Judy could claim full custody of Dylan. But now without his alibi, Judge Friend would have to rule against him.

Because of the last-minute addition of Judy to the witness list, Alicia requested a recess so they could prepare a rebuttal. In the interim, Kalinda and Robyn went to the horse farm where Bishop claimed he was during the murder. There, the detail-oriented Robyn noticed an electronic gate. They checked out the gate's record, and learned that Bishop likely buzzed in a person from inside the corral, even though he claimed to be alone.

NEXT: The truth comes out about Lemond Bishop's real alibi....

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