The Good Wife recap: The Art of Intimidation

Lemond Bishop's case takes center stage with guest stars Wallace Shawn and Audra McDonald
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 10, 2013

FORMER FOE Audra McDonald guest stars as Liz Lawrence, Alicia's law school nemesis, as the two face off in court on the Lemond Bishop case.

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The first witness was Ike Cramer (Glenn Davis), a trainer at one of Bishop's gyms. Ike told Alicia, Cary, and Mr. Lester that at a staff meeting Lemond Bishop had threatened to kill anyone who was caught skimming. And apparently the now-deceased criminal informant was one of those skimmers. Then, oddly, Lester asked Ike some seemingly useless questions and left Cary and Alicia quite puzzled.

Back in court, Alicia and Cary were fully prepared to take the hit on Ike's testimony. Not to mention, Kalinda had uncovered a video that had Bishop in the same room as the CI. Bishop had previously claimed that they never met. So things weren't looking too good. But when Liz put Ike on the stand, he changed his tune, saying Bishop never threatened to kill anyone who was caught skimming. Bishop had just threatened to fire whoever was caught. It was really bizarre for him to recant his testimony, and immediately Alicia became suspicious of Mr. Lester.

So at their next witness questioning, Alicia asked Mr. Lester to explain his odd career. He'd been a lawyer for 25 years, but never tried a single case or written a single brief. He doesn't have an office, and Lemond Bishop has been his only client for the last 10 years. Lester tried to quell her concerns, saying he just doesn't like to work very much, so instead he offers dedicated services. I was right there with Alicia, not buying what Lester was selling, but she was still unable to pinpoint what was off with him.

So she continued her questioning of the witness, Bennie. He said he saw Bishop get into a tan Honda the night of the murder, the same car that the CI's body was found in. Lester asked Bennie how old his kids were, another odd question. And unable to stand quietly by, Alicia called him out on implying some kind of threat. Lester played innocent, but in court, they had a repeat of Ike's behavior: Bennie recanted his testimony.

Obviously, Liz Lawrence was pissed at the turn of events. So she decided to play a little dirty, telling Alicia: "We used to feel bad for you, the old gang from school.... Can you believe it? Having your husband admit to sleeping with prostitutes. Now, I see. You were made for each other." But Alicia, never one at a loss for words, had a comeback fully ready: "Do you know what I've thought of you since school? Nothing." Get it girl!

NEXT: Bishop's trial takes a hit when his alibi is brought into question....

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